Visit Ancient Petra: World Wonder and Archaeological Marvel

Explore Petra, a historical and archaeological city in Jordan, famous for its rock-cut architecture, ancient carvings and mesmerizing pink cliffs. Experience a world marvel.

Explore the Ancient City of Petra, a Marvel of Jordan's Heritage

Discover the Mystique of Petra

Start your journey to the ancient world of Petra, a historical and archeological city where stories of past civilizations come to life. Nestled in the southern part of Jordan, this extraordinary city offers other-worldly experiences, steeped in rich history and culture.

The Rose-Red City

Often referred to as the 'Rose-Red City' due to the colour of the stone from which it is carved, Petra's beauty is breathtaking. Surrounded by towering cliffs of various shades of pink, Petra is a surreal and timeless place, revealing hidden facets at every turn.

The Heart of Petra - Al Khazneh

The heart of Petra, Al Khazneh also known as 'The Treasury,' unveils the city's architectural brilliance. It's an astonishingly preserved monument, standing at the end of a dark and narrow gorge, magnificent and stunning, welcoming every traveller into a remarkable journey through time.

Adventures in Petra's Heritage Trails

Immerse yourself in the heritage trails of Petra. Experience the thrill of a donkey ride up to the Monastery, and witness the spectacular views of the city from the top. The city's network of dams, cisterns, and water channels are a testament to the Nabateans' engineering genius.

Nightly Magic in Petra

As the sun sets, Petra transforms into a magical land under a starlit sky. The Petra Night Show, a spectacle of music and lights, offers a unique and enchanting experience. Even after dark, Petra resonates its charm, whispering tales and legends of its glorious past.A visit to Petra is more than just a travel destination; it's stepping into a time portal, an adventure you won't soon forget. Unearth the mysteries and grandeur of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Prepare to be captivated by the timeless allure of Petra – The Rose-Red City Half as Old as Time.

Tours & Excursions

Explore the ancient city of Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Discover mysterious tombs, intricate carvings and fascinating history with our guided tours.

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Explore the ancient city of Petra, a marvel of engineering and architecture. Unearth mysteries, delve into history, and capture stunning views on this unforgettable tour.

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Discover the Mystiques of Petra Sub-title: Uncover the Timeless Beauty of PetraMeta: Expedition to the red-rose ancient city, Petra. Explore its historical magnificence, mysterious tombs, and stunning landscapes.Explore the ancient ruins of Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage site nestled in Jordan’s southwestern desert. Known for the Al-Khazneh treasury and intricate rock-cut architecture. Unearth cultures and history entwined with natural beauty.

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