Zigana Trabzon should be in Your Bucket List

What You should be Visiting in Zigana Trabzon

The increase in tourists, which has given Turkey a top ranking among the main nations, is one indication of Turkey’s significance in the worldwide tourism business. The most important factor in attracting tourists may be the stunning scenery and beautiful highland vistas. The region of the Zigana Highlands, which will be the focus of our in-depth essay, is one of the best places to explore in Trabzon.

Zigana Location

What You should be Visiting in Zigana Trabzon

Zigana is frequently mistaken for being in Trabzon by tourists, however it is actually 40 kilometres away in Gumushane, which is next to Trabzon on the southern side. The Atalar to the east, Asagi Karadera to the west, Trabzon to the north, and Ikeso to the south encircle the area, which is 2115 metres above sea level.

You can reach Gumushane via the southern Trabzon road, proceed through the Zigana tunnel by adhering to the signs, and then travel 3.5 kilometres east to the centre of Kayak.

Zigana Village

What You should be Visiting in Zigana Trabzon (2)

The tourist town of Zigana, with its trees, lofty heights, vegetation, and water, resembles the most beautiful natural scenes in the most exquisite paintings. The region has restaurants that serve the most delicious cuisine and the best Turkish food. The community is well-known for its wooden huts, which are built in busy areas where visitors enjoy hosting family gatherings, and for its barbecues next to homes or next to fireplaces, which give homes an unmistakably cosy feeling.

4 Days Trabzon Tour From Istanbul

Over 150,000 people travel to the Zigana Ski Centre annually, both domestic and foreign visitors. one of the region’s most major and well-known tourist attractions. Tour groups choose to indulge in their various pastimes in the densely forested mountains, where the snow can accumulate to a depth of 150 cm.

The centre contains two tracks—one mild and one difficult—as well as an elevator for those who are unable or unable to climb mountains. Its total length is approximately 661 metres. It provides ski equipment and has a staff of interns who can teach beginners how to ski. The best time to go there is during the summer.

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