Yıldız Town, Sivas Houses Unique Caves and Waterfall

Yıldız Town

Formerly known as Sebastea, Sebasteia, or Megalopolis-Sebasteia, Sivas is a city in central Turkey. It is situated at an elevation of 4,183 feet in the broad valley of the Kzl River (1,275 metres). Despite findings at the Topraktepe mound suggesting Hittite settlements in the region, nothing is known about the history of Sivas before it became the Roman city of Sebastea, which later served as the capital of Armenia Minor under the emperor Diocletian. Sebastea was a significant and thriving Anatolian city during the Byzantines. The city walls were strengthened and repaired by Justinian I, the Byzantine emperor, in the sixth century. One of Sivas’s most noticeable regions is Yıldız.

Yıldız turkey

Deirmenalt, popularly known as the hidden paradise near Yldz Town in Sivas, awes visitors with its caves and waterfall.

In the village of Yldz, which is about 52 kilometres from the centre of Sivas, are the Deirmenalt caves and waterfall, also referred to as the secret heaven. Recreational areas are still being constructed in the Deirmenlat caves and waterfall with assistance from the town of Yldz’s construction activities. Deirmenalt is surrounded by people who are very interested in it, and it amazes everyone with its natural beauty. The government intends to develop local tourism at the Deirmenalt waterfall, which attracts visitors from various areas.

Yıldız Town

Turgut Başc reported that while travelling from Izmir to Sivas, he did not pass by the Deirmenalt waterfall and caves:

The town of Yıldız, which is about 52 kilometers away from the center of Sivas, is home to the Değirmenaltı caves and waterfall, which is called the hidden paradise. Recreation areas continue to be created with the works carried out by the town of Yıldız in the caves and waterfall of Değirmenlatı. Değirmenaltı, which attracts great attention by the surrounding people, amazes those who see it with its natural beauty. değirmenaltı waterfall, which welcomes visitors from many provinces, is wanted to be brought to the provincial tourism.

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Yıldız Town, Sivas Houses Unique Caves and Waterfall

According to Emrah Saygsunar, who claimed to have frequented the Deirmenalt caves and waterfalls:

“Sivas has become our second hometown. I am very happy to live in such a natural beauty. Everything here is so beautiful in an extraordinary way. This is our third time here. The places we prefer are places in nature, today we came to have a picnic with my family. If these places are expanded further and beautiful works are done, it will be very beautiful. Sivas is a steppe city, but this is a place where everyone can come and see it with an air like the middle Black Sea. I invite everyone here.”

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