The Best of Yenice Forests Turkey: A Guide

Yenice Forest turkey

In 1999, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) named 100 “Hot Spots of European Forests,” which are regions that require immediate protection due to their remarkable biodiversity. The Yenice Forests in the province of Karabük are one of Turkey’s nine “Hot Spots.”

Yenice Forest turkey

The area is a natural wonder because it has unspoiled forest, massive trees, a unique environment, and a wide variety of species that is unusual outside of the tropics. The “Nature Protection Zones,” where the magnificent trees reside, and the Arboretum area are without a doubt the Yenice Forest’s most important features. The richness of the pristine forest, which includes a variety of majestic tree species and is the most priceless aspect of the history, is the primary driver behind the creation of the conservation zone. Some of the trees’ trunks develop among the verdant valleys, lofty hills, and rich plant life that the region’s abundant rainfall and humidity have created, growing to unusually large diameters and heights.

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Best of Yenice Forest

The Yenice Forests, which attract tourists with their variety of fauna and vegetation and are recognised as one of the 100 hot spots that require immediate conservation, captured the magic of hazan in the post card pictures that came following. The largest block forests in Turkey, the Yenice forests of Karabük, started to offer the population a visual feast with the colour frenzy that developed with the arrival of fall.

The Best of Yenice Forests Turkey A Guide

In the spring and summer, Yenice forests’ leaves are all different shades of green, but in the fall, they change to display colourful trees. Yenice Forests, which are considered as one of Europe’s top 100 forest hot spots due to the diversity of species they support and the intensity of their yellow and red tones, also give photographers the opportunity to capture postcard-worthy scenes.

Yenice Forests are among the most treasured assets of the natural marvel with their enormous trees, which are the result of the rich plant diversity formed by water and wetness. The forest’s most important trees may be found in the Arboretum area, which attracts attention for its preservation of rare plant species and unique microclimate.

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