Yedigoller is Ready to Welcome Nature Lovers

It’s Time for Nature Lovers to Move to Yedigoller

Bolu, the gateway to the Black Sea region, is located to the east of Istanbul. Here, Yedigoller (Yedigöller), or the Seven Lakes National Park, is the main draw. Thanks to a climate that produces diverse forests of oak, alder, pine, and hazelnut, the park tempts tourists to experience all four seasons of the year in a short drive. Explorers can find hot springs, hiking and strolling options, and one of Turkey’s best ski slopes.

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There were many different kinds of trees and plants covering the land. Yedigoller is a highly important spot for individuals who are interested in lake fishing. Additionally, due to effective conservation of plant and animal life, the number of creatures inside the park, including as deer, pigs, wolves, foxes, and squirrels, is increasing.

It’s Time for Nature Lovers to Move to Yedigoller

Yedigöller and Sapanca are beautiful all year round, but September makes me think of another magnificent place. It’s tough to avoid being moved by the beautiful natural scenery. Plan a trip now and take advantage of the early autumn weather!

The Sapanca neighbourhood of Sakarya is lovely. It leads to a lane lined with peaceful, luxurious SPA resorts where you can unwind alone. The history of Sapanca began approximately 1200 BC. There are many weekend activities available in this town, where Byzantines and Seljuks coexisted and where settlement dates back to the Phrygians.

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Whatever the situation, get up early and start the day at one of the charming cafes near the Sapanca River. There are several charming restaurants, especially near to the Krkpnar Neighborhood. You will undoubtedly enjoy eating breakfast while admiring the lovely scenery. Then, make an effort to keep off the weight by taking a nature walk, running around the lake, or hiring a gorgeous bicycle. There are even alternatives for renting a boat and taking a lake excursion.

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