The Best Water Parks in Antalya to Enjoy Yourselves

Dolusu Park Kemer

Sports and water games have always been popular among humans since water renews life, restores eternity, and heals illnesses. In Turkey, summer tourism is quite popular, especially in Antalya. Antalya, Turkey’s tourism hub, has taken care of not only the waterways but also the water parks. Let’s take a look at some of the top water parks in Antalya.

Kemer Dolphin Park

Kemer Dolphin Park water parks in Antalya

Safaraq Tourism, Turkey’s and Europe’s largest dolphin resort, invites you to join the whole family to see the most breathtaking shows of intelligent, loving dolphins. You may swim with dolphins, watch them draw, and even dance with them. You’d have a terrific day and take the most beautiful images to create lasting memories.

Dolusu Park Kemer

Dolusu Park Kemer

Dolusu Park, Antalya’s water games city Kemer, Antalya’s largest water park, is one of the most beautiful and lovely water cities, where family and friends may spend the most enjoyable times. It has several games for children under the age of seven. The park is located near a beach and features an 800-meter swimming pool with gentle flowing artificial waves and 23 various types of water slides. We strongly urge you to enable your children to enjoy the thrills of water-droppers across slides and not lose out on the thrills of sliding boats at speeds of up to 42 km/h.

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Aqualand Antalya Dolphinland

water parks in Antalya-

Aqualand Antalya Dolphin is one of Antalya’s most popular water entertainment attractions, attracting thousands of people from all over the world. The tranquility of the lake and the variety of routes in terms of shape and size, which are suitable for people of all ages, make it one of the most popular tourist destinations. There are pools, water slides, and plenty of vegetation. Dolphin show viewers can observe the friendly and loving dolphins play and dance. The park is considered one of the best water parks in Antalya.

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