Umbrella Street, Istanbul must in Bucket List

Umbrella Street Turkey

Umbrella Street, one of Istanbul’s most charming lanes, got its name from the countless bright umbrellas that were strung there to protect shoppers from the sun’s rays. Umbrella Street is located on Istanbul’s Asian side, namely in the big Kadikoy neighbourhood, which is crowded, well-liked, and provides views of the Sea of Marmara’s northern coast.

Umbrella Street in Kadikoy Istanbul

The region has a long history that goes back more than 5,000 years, as evidenced by stones and monuments that have been found in several locations of the area. Travelers must go to Kadikoy’s Fikirtepe area, particularly Umbrella Street, as it is thought by historians to be the oldest colony in the entire Central Asian region.

Things to Do on Umbrellas Street in Istanbul

Umbrella Street, Istanbul must in Bucket List

You can capture images of yourself beneath the vibrant umbrellas that hang over Kadikoy’s Umbrella Street as a memento of your visit to that intriguing and distinctive place. You can stroll down the street and learn about the local popular culture in addition to shopping at the stores strewn on both sides selling a variety of goods like clothing, toys for kids, and other products.

The well-known Turkish restaurants on Umbrella Street serve delicious Turkish cuisine, while the cafés serve equally delicious hot and cold drinks. After completing a tour of Umbrellas Street, you can explore the renowned Kadikoy neighbourhood, one of Istanbul’s highlights. Additionally, you may enjoy shopping at Tepe Nautilus or take the kids to KidZania Istanbul.

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How to get to Umbrellas Street

Umbrella Street Turkey

Due to Istanbul’s dependable transit networks, which serve most of the city, especially well-known tourist hotspots like Kadikoy, getting to Umbrella Street is not difficult. Take the trams in the direction of Karakoy Station to get there, then walk about 5 minutes to get to Umbrella Street.

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