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2 Days Gallipoli Tour Troy Tour include all transfers and professional tour guide.

Spend two glorious days in Turkey seeing some of the must see sights. Pay your respect to the fallen soldiers at Gallipoli as you visit the battlefields and memorials. Explore the ancient city of Troy, learning about the many different cities that stood and the legend of the Trojan War. Don’t miss this trip, which is jam packed with adventure and beautiful places waiting to be seen!

All About Gallipoli And Troy, Your Turkey Tour Destination

Gallipoli Tour:

During WWI, Turkey, which was then, the Ottoman Empire allied itself with Germany essentially because of a failed business transaction with Great Britain. Britain, hoping to aid its ally Russia, devised a battle strategy to move up the Gallipoli peninsula, capture Istanbul and gain access to the Black Sea from which they could reach Russia. At that time, Australia and New Zealand were still colonies under the rule of the British Empire. Looking to prove their worth, the two colonies sent many enlistees to aid the Empire.

At dawn on April 25, 1915, the allies launched their attack against the Ottoman forces, the goal, to conquer the Gallipoli Peninsula. The Ottoman forces had scouts watching and saw the ANZAC forces coming. Led by the young ambitious Colonel Mustafa Kemal, the Ottoman forces were able to hold off the ANZAC forces. Both sides dug trenches and hunkered in for what was to be a long, bloody eight months. On December 15, 1915, realizing they couldn’t win and the casualties were too high, the British and ANZAC forces started pulling out of Gallipoli.

At the end of WWI, the Ottoman Empire fell and Turkey became a Republic with Mustafa Kemal Ataturk as its first President. Following WWI, Turkey built a series of burial grounds and memorials for the soldiers that lost their lives on both sides. It’s quite a moving tribute and each year on April 25, Australians, New Zealanders, Turks, Brits and Frenchmen gather at dawn to remember the fallen at the memorial in Gallipoli. It’s known as ANZAC Day and after more than 100 years; it’s still a major event.

Daily tours of the battlefields and the memorials are offered for visitors with extremely knowledgeable guides that take you step by step through the routes of the soldiers. Despite the fact that a century has passed, the sites are still incredibly moving and you can still feel the weight of what happened there. It’s an absolute must see on any trip to Turkey.

gallipoli turkey Tour

Troy Tour:

The legend of the battle of Troy and the Trojan horse is a legend that has spanned for thousands of year thanks to Homer’s epic poems, The Iliad and The Odyssey. In his tales, Homer talks of a battle that was waged due to the theft of Helen, the Queen of Sparta by Paris, the son of King Priam, ruler of Troy. Homer claims that the battle waged on for many years, taking its toll of the Greeks, who eventually defeated the Trojans with the ever-popular Trojan horse. Whether or not any of these events actually happened or if this ancient city is actually the Troy of the legends is up for debate. However, what is known is that there is no one ancient city of Troy, but many. Archeologists have found evidence of at least ten different cities built on top of each other dating all the way back to 3,000 B.C. It seems that when one city was destroyed, either but people or the elements, another city was built on top.

Heinrich Schliemann first excavated the ancient site in 1873and he claims to have found a cache of treasure, which he then concluded was the treasure of King Priam. Historians don’t think that Heinrich actually found all of the treasure at the same time, but believe that pieces were dug up all around the site over a number of weeks. Further testing of the treasure showed that these were about a thousand years too early to have belonged to King Priam.

Whether or not this is indeed Homer’s Troy, there’s no denying that the ancient ruins that exist are impressive. With the discovery of ten different cities and their many antiquities, there is so much to see here. Daily tours take visitors to see the multiple different cities and discusses the many legends and theories. There is even a giant replica of the Trojan horse that visitors can climb into for a photo op.

Troy Tour, Troy Day Trip, Real Trojan Horse, Troy Turkey

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Day 1

Gallipoli day tour from Istanbul and overnight in Gallipoli (B-L)

Our guide will pick you up from your hotel in Istanbul at 6:30 AM for the 3-hour drive down to Gallipoli. You'll arrive in the seaside town of Eceabat around 12:00 PM where you will have lunch at a traditional Turkish restaurant. After lunch, our guide will show you the many battlefields, graveyards and memorials of Gallipoli, while expertly explaining the strategies and events of the grueling eight-month long battle. At the end of the tour, your guide will take you to Kolin Hotel, or similar, in the nearby town of Canakkale. You'll have the rest of the evening to relax and explore.

Day 2

Day tour of Troy and transfer back to Istanbul ( B )

After breakfast at your hotel, our guide will pick you up at 8:30 AM for your day tour of Troy and Pergamon. Your first stop of the day will be the ruins of ancient Troy. Your guide will take you around the site and speak about the many cities of Troy and of Homer's legendary battle between the Trojans and the Greeks. You'll also have time to explore the replica of the Trojan horse. After the tour, you'll have lunch in the seaside town of Eceabat. After lunch, our driver will take you back to Istanbul and drop you off at your hotel.

3-4 star quality hotel in the center with breakfast
All transfers mentioned in the itinerary
All tours with lunch, transportation and entrance fees
All tours with professional tour guide, licenced by the Ministry of Tourism
All meals mentioned by the itinerary. (B –Breakfast, L–Lunch, D–Dinner)
Vegetarian meals available
Full travel insurance
All domestic taxes

Personal expenses
Tips to driver and guide

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