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4 Day 3 Night Blue Cruise Turkey Tour Fethiye to Olympos Tour. This is the highlight of everyone’s vacation! Spend four relaxing days on a gulet cruise around the Turquoise Coast. With breaks for swimming, excursions and water sports, there’s something for everyone. From the sea is the best way to see this stretch of the coast and you surely won’t be disappointed with a trip like this!

About Blue Fethiye to Olympos Cruise, Your Turkey Cruise Destination


Besides Antalya, Fethiye is one of the most popular seaside cities in Turkey. Although it is unclear exactly when the city was founded, archeologists have found evidence of inhabitants in the 5th century B.C. The city, then known as Telmessos, was the biggest city in the Lycian Empire. Throughout the years, the city was passed from Empire to Empire and eventually it was added to the Ottoman Empire. In 1934 the city was renamed Fethiye after Fethi Bey who was a combat pilot and died in a tragic accident.

The main beach in Fethiye is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It’s called Oludeniz and due to a stretch of sand that juts out, there are two sides to swim, the Mediterranean and the Lagoon. A popular activity is to paraglide off the top of a nearby mountain. It’s the best view of the area by far and a lot of fun! The beach is very popular and there are vendors renting beach chairs and umbrellas and selling food and drinks everywhere. Oludeniz has a large selection of water sports available as well. Get there early in the summer months, as spots will fill up fast.


Fethiye to Olympos Cruise tour


Almost everyone knows the story of Santa Claus and how his magical reindeer fly him from house to house across the world every Christmas Eve, delivering presents to all the good children. But, did you know that the real Santa Claus lived his life in modern day Turkey? No, not many people do. He was born in Patara and lived his life in Demre, or what was then known as Myra. Joining Christianity, he was elected to bishop around the time of Diocletian’s persecutions. Known for his acts of charity, the bishop was soon beloved by everyone in his congregation. It is said that he heard of daughters of a poor Myran man that could not marry because they had no dowry. During the night, St. Nicholas left a bag of gold for each daughter, sealing his reputation for bringing treasures in the night. Though he died around 350 A.D., his legend grew and by the 10th century, he was the most well known saint in the Byzantine Empire. In the year 972, the Princess Theophano of the Byzantine Empire married Otto II; heir to the Saxon Throne and with the princess came the legend of Saint Nicholas to the West.

In the year 1087, a group of Italian merchants broke into the church of Saint Nicholas in Myra and stole some of his bones from his sarcophagus, which they then brought back with them to Italy. They laid them to rest in Bari in the church of San Nicola di Bari.

Saint Nicholas remains the patron saint of children, poor virgins, innocent prisoners, sailors and Russians, due to the fact that Czar Alexander II bought the church in Demre in 1862 and began restoring it. Restorations were eventually taken over by the Turkish government, and every December Christians flock to Demre to pay homage to the saint on his name day.

Like the other areas around the Turquoise Coast, ancient ruins can be found and explored. Of course, the most visited site here is St. Nicholas’s Church. Visitors often stay in nearby Olympos where tree house hotels are popular. There is also a small stretch of beach that can be visited.


Also a part of ancient Lycia, Kalkan sits in a secluded part of the coast. It is the valley between two large mountains and the land was filled with trees and brush. The Lycians that lived here were said to be as wild as the land. The Lycians were fiercely proud of their independence and fought very hard to protect it. It is said that when the Persians came to conquer the city, the Lycians were grossly outnumbered, but they fought anyway. When it was clear that they would soon be defeated, the Lycians retreated into their city, gathered up their wives and children, locked them in the citadel and burned it to the ground. From there they turned and fought the Persians to the last man. Five hundred years later, it happened again when Brutus came to conquer the city. The Lycians murdered their women and children and fought until the last man.

With lots of coves along its coast, Kalkan has had a piracy problem for centuries. Due to its wild terrain and many hiding places, all attempts to stop the pirates failed. The problem wasn’t solved until the 18th or 19th century when the British Navy arrived and was able to do what no other could, clean up the coast.

The ruins of the Lycian cities are scattered all around the region and their tombs are carved into the rock walls. During the Byzantine Empire, the inhabitants moved their community closer to the sea. However, by the Middle Ages, the area was almost all abandoned. The only inhabitants were pirates who stayed there temporarily. When the land came under Ottoman rule, it was considered a wild frontier and wasn’t inhabited. It wasn’t until a road was built in the 1960’s that the area started to be developed. With the building of hotels and resorts, tourists started to frequent the area. Every year since has seen more tourists than the previous.



Kas, like Kalkan, was inhabited by the Lycians. It became important around the 4th century B.C. when it grew as a port town. The port continued to be valuable to the Romans once they gained control of the area. After the area converted to Christianity, the area became a Bishop’s see. The remains of sarcophagi still dot the landscape today. Visitors and tour the ruins of the area or head to the beach.

Due to the distance from the closest airport, Kas doesn’t see as many tourists as Antalya; however, it is definitely a resort town. In the summer season, the area comes to life in the evening with bars and clubs staying open until well past midnight.

The area is a particularly good spot for scuba diving. There are nearly 60 dive sites near Kas, which is known to have the best visibility for divers in this area of the Mediterranean. Divers can see a number of different types of fish, a sunken ship and a wrecked, shot down, WWII bomber. Multiple dive companies operate out of Kas, so there are plenty of choices.


This gem of a town is a bit hidden. After following a stream through a forest, you will stumble upon the Mediterranean. The town is peaceful and quiet yet still has a handful of hotels, restaurants and tree houses to choose from.

There are a sprinkling of ancient ruins hidden in the forest near the sea and in the spring it is a major hatching hub for turtles! The beach is tiny but beautiful and the whole thing can be walked in only 15 minutes.

Fethiye to Olympos Cruise tour


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Day 1

Samanlık Bay – Butterfly Valley, Oludeniz Beach, St. Nicholas Island (L, D)

Our driver will pick you up from your hotel at 10:00 AM and take you to the boat in Fethiye Harbor. The boat will depart between 11 and 12PM for your first stop in Samanlik Bay, where you will have lunch and time to swim. From there, you'll sail to Butterfly Valley where you'll have time to visit the nature reserve, which boasts over 130 types of butterflies. Afterwards, you'll continue on to Oludeniz, where you will have the option to go paragliding over one of the most scenic coastlines in the world. The last stop of the day will be at St. Nicholas Island. You'll be able to visit the well-preserved Byzantine ruins and watch the sunset from the top of the island. You'll have dinner and spend the night on the boat.

Day 2

Fırnaz Bay-Kalkan – Kas (B, L, D)

Around breakfast time, you'll arrive in Kalkan. You'll have some time to swim before continuing on to Kas. The boat will stop in the harbor for lunch, after which you'll have time to visit the fishing village or explore the Lycian tombs and Roman theater. From there, you'll head to Kekova Bay for swimming and Kayaking. You'll have dinner and spend the night on the boat.

Day 3

Sunken City-Kekova – Gokkaya (B, L, D)

Your first stop after breakfast this morning will be to Kekova Sunken City, where you can catch a glimpse of the ancient Roman ruins. Unfortunately, swimming is forbidden here, so you can only view it from the boat. After lunch, you'll stop in the town of Simena, where you'll have time to visit the castle or partake in the water sports that are available there. You can have a relaxing dinner at the Pirate's Haven or party in the Smuggler's Inn.

Day 4

Pirates Cave – St.Nicholas Church – Myra – Demre (B, L, D)

After breakfast, you will sail to Pirate's Cave where you will have time to swim. From there, you will sail to Andriace Harbor where you can tour St. Nicholas Church and the archeological site of Myra. When you've finished exploring, you'll check out of the boat and our driver will transfer you to the airport or a nearby hotel.

All meals (Breakfast/Lunch/Afternoon Tea, Coffee, Biscuits/Dinner). Vegetarian meals available upon request
Standard yacht equipment, board games, snorkels & masks, fishing lines. Passengers may bring snacks, such as fruit, nuts, muesli, yoghurt, chocolate and other
Transfer from the hotel in Fethiye to the boat
Transfer from the boat to Olympos
Travel Insurance
Harbour fees


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