Travel around Gumuskanat Waterfall: Nature’s Serene Retreat

Travel around Gumuskanat Waterfall Nature's Serene Retreat

In the enticing natural grandeur of its surrounds, Gumuskanat Waterfall is a captivating wonder that mesmerises everyone who visits. This remote, undiscovered gem showcases the strength and beauty of nature in all its splendour. Through the dense greenery, you can hear the sound of the clear water pouring down the granite cliffs. The waterfall is simply stunning to witness, with its brilliant streams flowing elegantly and glistening in the sunlight.

Travel around Gumuskanat Waterfall Nature's Serene Retreat

In the Mutki district of Bitlis, close to the village of Gümüşkanat, sits the Gümüşkanat Waterfall, one of the tallest waterfalls in Turkey with a height of around 60 metres. It is known for its unique landscape.

Visitors to the waterfall may enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding pristine landscape, which is located close to the village of Gümüşkanat and 25 kilometres from the district centre.

Official measurements indicate that the Gümüşkanat Waterfall is the tallest waterfall in Turkey. It runs from a height of around 60 metres and doesn’t dry out in the summer, unlike many other natural waterfalls. Tourist development and promotion for the Gümüşkanat Waterfall were both agreed upon by visitors. The waterfall, known for its natural beauty, was also photographed using a drone.

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Tuna Bilgen, one of the tourists that travelled to witness the fabled Gumuskanat Waterfall, remarked:

“Today we went to the Gümüşkanat Waterfall in Mutki. Water runs through a natural wonderland that is 60 metres high. Because we could see it in the photos and films, we were quite fascinated. Now that we have seen it for ourselves. The tallest waterfall in Turkey is located in a very cool area. We suggest that everyone view it.”

Hilmi Koç, a visitor from Ahlat who travelled to the waterfall from the Ahlat district, stated that we arrived at the Gümüşkanat Waterfall. Excellent location with beautiful views. I suggest that everyone visit this location.

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