Here’s What You should Know about Tourism in Alanya

Seljuk castle

Alanya is one of Turkey’s most well-known tourist sites. It is a coastal city that is administratively dependent on the Antalya municipality. It has lovely surroundings and a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea. The Mediterranean Sea influences the climate in the Alanya region, which has warm winters and scorching summers; this is one prominent features of tourism in Alanya.

Seljuk castle

Alanya’s prominent location on Turkey’s south-western coast attracts visitors with cultural and sporting festivals and a variety of tourism activities. For both international and Arab visitors, Alanya is a famous tourist destination. Sea beaches with natural landscapes that include woods, rivers, caverns, and waterfalls are among the city’s most notable natural assets.

Alanya also features a number of significant historical structures, such as the Seljuk castle, which was erected by the Seljuk leader Aladdin Kayqubad in the 13th century and has 83 facing towers and 140 observation towers. Markets are located across the Alanya region. One of the most popular malls in the region is the 3-story Allanyum Mall, which caters to all needs. Close by is Time Centre, a two-story shopping mall containing boutiques, perfumes and accessories, groceries, and fast-food restaurants.

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Touristic Features of Alanya

Tourism in Alanya The Best Tips for Tourists

Many tourists came to Alanya for tourism and decided to stay because of the city’s beauty and lovely nature. When it comes to the tourism in Alanya, its features are worth mentioning:

  • A calm, tranquil, and quiet environment away from the hustle and bustle of city life and automobile noise.
  • It is simple to go from Istanbul to Antalya and then to Gazipasha Airport by bus or plane.
  • An advantageous geographical location, such as a small peninsula facing the sea on three sides, is perfect.
  • The beautiful weather all year
  • Many European tourists, mainly Germans and Russians, flock to this ideal location for leisure travel.
  • History aficionados will enjoy a visit to Seydra’s old city, Alanya Castle, and Alara Castle, which date from the Roman, Seljuk, and Ottoman periods.
  • On a sandy beach with silver pebbles, the best time to relax is.
  • Visitors can explore the Mediterranean Sea’s depths at some spots in Alanya.

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