Tarakli’s Natural Pool: Where Beauty Meets Tranquility

Tarakli's Natural Pool Where Beauty Meets Tranquility

The natural pool in the cave in Sakarya’s Tarakl region is breathtaking. It is just waiting for you to discover the unique beauty that seduces and has a mysterious depth to it.

About 10 km from the district centre in Mahdumlar Neighbourhood, the naturally formed pool on the cave attracts attention with its beauty. Brilliant-colored water from the Karagöl Plateau has gathered on the cave.

Tarakli's Natural Pool Where Beauty Meets Tranquility

You must locate the unidentified depth of the natural pool. The pristine and distinctive aspect of the pool, which the locals refer to as a “hidden paradise,” welcomes nature lovers.

Mehmet Pilavc, a local, asserted that the water no longer gets hotter than 12 and a half degrees when the air temperature reaches its highest levels.

“Water rushes into this cave from the Karagöl Plateau. This keeps us alive and provides a tranquil retreat. In 1967, you could enter the cave visible beneath the stone and descend down to reach the river. It then developed a ding and shut. It is definitely worthwhile to visit this place. You can see the entire Marmara Region at once from one location, making it a paradise for tourists. a protected haven. Even when it’s quite hot outside, our water’s temperature never goes past 12.5 degrees.

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Pilavc added:

“This custom has persisted since in 1942, when the water was cut off for the first time in seven years, sacrifices were made. The area is a must-visit for wildlife enthusiasts. The valley moves lower as a result of this water’s outflow. The Karagöl Plateau above provides the water that forms this pool. Tarakl is an unquestionable must-see for tourists in our area.”

“However, because there aren’t any warning signs at the moment, the majority of people are oblivious of it. Ten kilometres separate this secret gem from the district’s hub. When the water was initially cut off in 1942, people questioned a teacher what to do. This water also has a history. That teacher claims there are seven victims who are for sure. This water reappears in the blood of the sixth victim. We later continue to make sacrifices for this water as a result of this story.”

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