Worth-appreciating Spot: Sudusen Waterfall in Yalova

Sudusen Waterfall (2)

One of the most gorgeous tourist spots in Turkey is Yalova, located in the northwest. It is a calm coastal city with comfortable winter and summer weather. The Sudusen Waterfall is the most important of these natural tourism spots, and many travellers intend to visit them. The waterfall is located 12 kilometres from Yalova. A mountain peak is marked by the beauty of its scenic position in the arms of a picturesque green landscape eight kilometres from the village of Ovaz Benaler.

Sudusen Waterfall (2)

Waterfalls are typically considered tourist attractions due to the stunning views of the water on the rocks. Sudusen, one of Turkey’s most beautiful waterfalls, lies about 12 kilometres from Yalova’s centre. It is highly known for its stunning beauty and is encircled on all sides by water, valleys, forests, and clean, clear water.

The waterfall is close to Yalova’s city centre, making it accessible to anybody who wants to enjoy the picturesque surroundings, a restorative ambience in the embrace of enticing nature, and a destination for campers and other people who enjoy being outdoors.

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How to Get to Sudusen Waterfall?

Sudusen Waterfall

Six kilometres separate Sudusen Waterfall from Uvezpinar Village in the Termal District of Yalova Province. If you’re visiting for the day, you may go to the waterfall in 2 hours by taking the ferry from Eskihisar, the high-speed ferry from Pendik, or, if you prefer, by circumnavigating the gulf. Alternatively, the new Osmangazi Bridge can be used to go to Yalova in 5 minutes.

The distance between Yalova and Termal is around 11 km, and the waterfall may be found 6 km farther in the highlands after passing Uvezpinar Village, which is just over Termal. This 6-kilometer asphalt road continues after the waterfall, albeit it just becomes a stabilised road.

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