The Beauty of Altnkale Travertines in Sivas

The Beauty of Altnkale Travertines in Sivas

Despite the city never regained its previous splendour, Mustafa Kemal, who would later become Turkey’s first president, called the second national congress to Sivas in September 1919, a prominent provincial capital of the Ottoman Empire. As a result of this conference, the Ottoman Empire was ultimately deposed, the republic was created, and the European occupying soldiers were expelled.

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The 48° Fahrenheit Altnkale travertines displayed a particular beauty after Sivas witnessed snowfall.

Intriguing images were uncovered following the snowfall in the Altnkale Travertines in Hot Ermik, which is a cure for various diseases in Sivas. The hot spring water, which is 30 minutes outside of the city centre and attracts attention with its 48 degree temperature, was a visual feast following the snowstorm. As hot water vapour rose from the white travertines, the area caught attention for its colour and texture.

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There have been numerous notable cold weather incidents that have taken place in Altnkale, which has drawn attention due to its limonite and hematite contents and has experienced a significant amount of tourists both in the summer and winter.

The 21,000 square metre Altnkale Travertines are famous for their distinctive geological and geomorphological structure, which resembles an outdoor geology museum. Altnkale in Hot Ermik also draws attention due to its similarity to the Pamukkale Travertines in the province of Denizli and the quantity of bungalow residences, thermal hotels, and facilities there.

The Beauty of Altnkale Travertines in Sivas

The area’s thermal water is used to cure a variety of illnesses, including rheumatism, anomalies of the nervous system, respiratory tract, digestive system, metabolism, kidney, and urinary tract, muscle pain, and gynaecological disorders.

Orhan Aykan, who travelled to Altnkale, claimed that the seasons have distinct beauty, saying:

“I urge everyone to visit Altnkale both in the summer and the winter. Your inward feelings are both frigid and warm as you take in the scene. Each season has its own distinct beauty. When paired with the cold air of winter, the hot water releases steam that makes for a stunning sight.”

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