A Window to History: Simena, Antalya

A Window to History Simena, Antalya

Kaleköy is a wonderful place with stunning scenery, a calm environment, and intriguing attractions. Simena was the old name of Kaleköy, a mythical ancient city that can only be reached by boat from Kaş, Demre, or Üçaz.

Places to Visit in Simena

Since the fourth century, Simena has been a little seaside town in Lycia. One of the few Turkish communities that can only be reached by sea is presently known as Kaleköy. A 300-seat theater, temples, and Lycian tombs are some of the Simena remnants that have endured to the present day. Simena’s Hellenistic theater is the smallest theater in any Lycian city, with only 200 seats.

Ancient City of Simena

Since they are walled in, the masonry stone dwellings in Kaleköy blend in with their surroundings. The Medieval Castle offers a stunning view of Kekova Island. This fortress was built to protect the residents from the pirates who resided on Kekova Island. One of the buildings discovered below the drowned city is a basilica. Take a tour to visit the buried basilica, which has a cross-shaped relief in the middle of its gate.

On the coast and in the ocean, there are many Lycian rock burials with Lycian inscriptions. Tons of sarcophagi are scattered around the ancient site, especially on the slope to the left of the castle.

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A Window to History Simena, Antalya

There are houses, stone stairways, and pier ruins throughout the ancient city. It’s fascinating to watch a large metropolis that has almost completely sunk. The communities near the city’s ancient harbor seem to have submerged under the water as a result of earthquakes, transforming the region into an island. Numerous medieval ruins as well as the port pier are readily visible under one meter of water.

How to Reach Simena

Only by sea can you reach Kaleköy (Simena). Leaving from Üçaz, you can take a boat cruise to Kaleköy. Additionally, motorboat cruises are available from Demre and Kaş.

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