Serene Heights: Discovering Lake Tortum Observation Deck

Serene Heights Discovering Lake Tortum's Observation Deck

Visitors can have a mesmerising experience while surrounded by the natural beauty of northeastern Turkey at the observation deck constructed on Lake Tortum. This elevated platform, which is located in the province of Erzurum, offers wonderful views of the magnificent lake and its lovely environs. Large freshwater lake Lake Tortum was created by a glacial valley, and its crystal-clear turquoise waters are framed by stunning mountains and lush green hills. It’s a striking experience to stand on the Lake Tortum observation deck.

Serene Heights Discovering Lake Tortum's Observation Deck

With its many natural features, the International Union of Calm Cities (Cittaslow), which has included Erzurum’s Uzundere suburb to its network of “calm cities,” draws visitors from the community.

Thanks to the Lake Tortum observation deck heat-resistant tempered glass furniture and unbreakable feature, visitors to the Uzundere area can enjoy watching Lake Tortum from a height of 143 metres. The glass terrace is 12.3 metres long and has 545 square metres of enclosed space and 565 square metres of open space, making it the first and only one of its kind in Turkey.

It is also not neglected that some visitors to the glass viewing deck choose to stroll on the rafters rather than the glass platform. A significant number of people visited the glass terrace during the previous Feast of Sacrifice, and it also gives tourists a powerful feeling of excitement.

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From the glass terrace built at the Pirinkayalar Pass, visitors can see the historic buildings in Uzundere, where the climates of the Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia are experienced, as well as Lake Tortum, which is surrounded by steep hills on four sides. Uzundere, which is 87 km from Erzurum, is one of the most well-liked tourist sites because of the variety of things to do there and the beautiful surroundings.

Visitors from Erzurum and Artvin must use the mountain road rather than the recently opened Pirinkayalar Tunnel in order to see the glass viewing terrace.

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