The Most Popular Spots for Scuba Diving in Turkey

scuba diving in kas turkey

Dive deep and uncover the fragility of our oceans wherever you can to unearth the hidden gems of the enigmatic waters. Divers of all abilities will be able to explore the ocean floor while scuba diving in Turkey. It’s the perfect pastime for anyone looking for exciting backpacking excursions, romantic getaways, family vacations, and everything in between. Allow us to assist you in selecting the best places for scuba diving in Turkey so you can organize your trip with simplicity and have a fun-filled vacation!

Top Places for Scuba Diving in Turkey

Here are 5 of the best spots to go scuba diving in Turkey, whether you’re a beginner seeking to get started or an experienced diver looking for new places to explore.


scuba diving in Bodrum turkey

Bodrum is noted for its incredible diving opportunities, which include colorful sea sponges, deep dives, and tunnels. It offers one of Turkey’s premier scuba diving spots as well as one of the best underwater museums in the world. The east wall off Orak Island is a diving paradise because of the amazing rock formations in the shallow area. An memorable scuba diving experience with the best can take up to a full day.


scuba diving in kas turkey

Due to the variety, frequency, and quality of its dives, Kas is without a doubt Turkey’s top scuba diving destination. There are a lot of caves, reefs, and wrecks in this area, as well as a lot of marine life like rays, eels, and turtles. Turtles, sharks, tuna, and thornback rays are among the sea life found in the waters of Kalkan, making it excellent for experienced divers. The region’s primary attraction is the Blue Hole, which is home to a variety of tropical fish and reef sharks.

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scuba diving in Fethiye turkey

The ocean floor of Fethiye is made up of swim-through curves covered in soft corals, cryptic tunnels, and plunging slopes, making it one of best destinations for scuba diving in Turkey for those seeking a mix of thrill and stunning vistas below. The azure depths off Fethiye are home to a plethora of dive sites. Sheltered coves are home to cuttlefish, lobsters, and octopuses. Intermediate swimmers can learn to scuba dive at Amphorae Bay in Turkey, where they can explore three small tunnels.


scuba diving in Antalya turkey

Are you interested in learning to scuba diving in Turkey? Visit Antalya! This is the most well-known tourist attraction in the world, having the most diving schools. One of the most popular diving destinations in the vicinity is Kemer. Tekirova is a great spot to go cavern diving and has a rich array of sea life, including enormous thornback rays. During the months of August and September, a great number of tuna fish and seals can be seen, in addition to dolphins, which can be seen all year. The coast guard wreckage, which is positioned near to Side on an artificial reef, will astound learners.


scuba diving in Marmaris turkey

The coastline around Marmaris has some of Turkey’s most stunning diving spots, with many dolphins, sharks, and Mediterranean seals swimming at depths of 10 to 40 meters, especially near the Kara Incir islands. Due to its clear waters and visibility, the location is one of the most popular water sports spots in the vicinity. Visitors will not be disappointed by the region’s abundant aquatic life, towering walls, and unusual rock formations. For beginners, Baca Cave is an excellent spot to start. In Turkey, scuba diving needs a minimum age of ten years.

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