Sapanca Grabbed Tourists’ Attention at this Eid

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Locals prefer bungalows in Sakarya’s Sapanca district for special occasions, which has become a tourist attraction due to its lake and natural beauty. While the houses reserved prior to Ramadan are nearly full, they give citizens in the countryside with hotel-like amenities.

Because of its proximity to Istanbul, Sapanca is one of the most popular tourist locations, attracting both local and international visitors all year. Sapanca, which attracts a large number of local and foreign tourists each year due to its closeness to major cities such as Istanbul and Ankara, remains one of the most popular holiday destinations in the region.

Citizens choose bungalows in the district, which has a holiday vibe to it. The district, which is a tourist attraction due to its flora, atmosphere, and lake, has a high occupancy rate of wooden bungalow dwellings. Popular for special occasions, houses are frequently reserved days or even weeks in advance. In houses that are reaching occupancy before Ramadan, the operators’ phones do not stop ringing.

Sapanca Becomes a Tourist Destination at Eid 2022

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The head of Sapanca Villa and Bungalow Operators Association, Ali Safa Alaçam, noted:

It is almost impossible to find empty space in houses before Ramadan. There are a few houses left for the holidays. During the pandemic process, the return to nature began and people adopted the return to this nature, now the concepts of holiday have changed. They prefer the concept of holidays in isolated, isolated environments. Together with our business friends, we try to free every guest in the private area and provide good service. Sapanca’s location is also in a very good place.

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There are metropolitan areas around us such as Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa Kocaeli, so we appeal to an audience of 20-25 million people. This number increases many times in the summer periods with the participation of national and international tourists. They adopted Sapanca. We can say that we are now one of the leading holiday destinations in Turkey.

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