Nature Lovers & Santa Claus Bird Paradise

Nature Lovers & Santa Claus Bird Paradise

Flamingos have been drawn to the Santa Claus Bird Paradise in Antalya’s Demre region once more this year. This year, three flamingos made a trip to the wetland where they had been since 2016. Ornithologist Prof. Dr. Ali Erdoan stated, “The main residents of this marsh right now are flamingos. These pioneers are the first to arrive. I think the quantity will increase.”

Santa Claus

The 1000 hectare marsh was classified and accredited as a “Santa Claus Bird Paradise” by the Demre Municipality in 1989. Flamingos have started to come since 2016 in Santa Claus Bird Paradise, where more than 150 bird species live as nomads and settlers, in varied numbers, and during various seasons. Three flamingos first appeared in the area in 2016; three more made a second appearance in 2018–2019. In 2020, this number will rise to 6. Nine flamingos that had visited Santa Claus Bird Sanctuary in mid-May of the previous year all left together. Two flamingos from this year paid the Santa Claus Bird Sanctuary a visit about a week ago. Two days ago, there were three flamingos nearby, up from one.

Santa Claus Bird Paradise is Worth-watching

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Professor Dr. Ali Erdoan, a longtime researcher in Santa Claus Bird Paradise and a lecturer at the biology department of Akdeniz University’s faculty of science, said:

“Now flamingos have become the main members of this wetland. These first-come-to pioneers are. I think the number will increase more. Santa Claus Bird Sanctuary is one of the rare surviving wetlands in Turkey. There is a sufficient supply of food for birds. Under the voluntary protection of the people. This is very important.”

Nature Lovers & Santa Claus Bird Paradise

The yacht’s captain, Nilgun Ahahin, who is continuously observing the birds, said:

“This bird paradise is the natural beauty of our country, Demre. Many species of birds live here. For the last 7 years, flamingos have also been coming. Flamingos added color and beauty to this place. Our duty is not to disturb them, but to protect them.”

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