Sanliurfa’s Aquatic Wonder: The Enchantment of Balikligol

Balkl Lake is located in the province of Anlurfa’s Eyyübiye district, to the southwest. The Balkl lake is easily accessible and attracts hundreds of local and foreign visitors each year. If you want to travel here by automobile, the distances from Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir are 1263 km, 820 km, and 1251 km, respectively. Bus, train and aeroplane travel are all convenient ways to get to Balkl Lake. Anywhere in Anlurfa has easy access to Balkl Lake by car.

Balikligol Location

Sanliurfa's Aquatic Wonder The Enchantment of Balikligol

Balkl Lake is located in the Anlurfa neighbourhood of Eyyübiye. Everyone who visits this lake is in awe of its legendary past and breathtaking look. For the lake with the fish, everyone who practises Islam keeps a very particular place. This lake has a different significance in our history and faith. Fish in the lake are revered and given special protection; they cannot be hunted. Unquestionably, Balkl Göl is one of the places that everyone should visit.

The Beauty of the Place

According to popular mythology, the prophet Abraham and the Prophet Abraham’s encounter, in which the prophet Abraham defended the brutality of the prophets who followed the three major religions at the time of Abraham, is what led to the lake’s appearance. The mysterious past of the lake has a significant impact on all visitors and believers.

Things to do in Balikligol

Many people are fascinated in the lake because of the dramatic story about how it transformed fire into water and wood into fish when Prophet Abraham was thrown into the flames. These lake’s locals revere its fish as sacred creatures. As a result, fish are protected rather than being hunted. One of Turkey’s natural wonders, Balkl Lake, boosts the economy of the country by luring both domestic and foreign tourists each year.

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The area surrounding Balkl Lake is also home to the cave where Abraham was born. The three Abrahamic religions’ alleged ancestor, this cave is a popular tourist destination. Numerous cities from around the globe travel there to visit.

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