Sanlıurfa: A Fascinating Destination in Turkey

Sanlıurfa A Fascinating Destination in Turkey

Southeast Turkey’s Sanliurfa, commonly known as Urfa, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Any visitor will be delighted by the city’s rich cultural heritage, gorgeous architecture, and delectable gastronomy.

Sanliurfa Tourism

The historic city of Göbeklitepe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that dates back to 11,000 BCE, is one of the must-see locations in Sanliurfa. The enormous T-shaped pillars of this archaeological monument, which is said to be the oldest temple in the world, are decorated with exquisite carvings of animals and symbols.

Residents from all over the world went to Sanlıurfa during the Ramadan Feast holiday, producing a density at the renowned Balklgöl Campus. People from various Turkish provinces that came to Şanlıurfa for the holiday visited Balikligol, which is recognised as the “largest natural aquarium” in the world and is important for religious tourism.

The lake’s water returned to normal after two months after the earthquake and flood caused it to become cloudy. Visitors who gave bait to the fish in the neighbourhood where life returned to normal photographed the event as a memento. Local resident Selim çten, who went to Sanlıurfa with his family, noticed that the water was still quite cloudy. It is added:

“With a bit of luck, everything will improve in due course. Over the past few months, Urfa has experienced a few catastrophes. May Allah forbid that such catastrophes ever occur again. People used to visit Balikligol before making a pilgrimage because it is a holy site for Muslims and a significant location worldwide. Our forefathers used to say that. In this regard, we are looking forward to our people visiting this location. We advise them to see this mystical setting.”

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Sanlıurfa A Fascinating Destination in Turkey

Yeliz Yelmen, who first arrived from Bursa and said they liked Balklgöl very well, said,

“We came from Bursa, we liked it very much. I believe everyone should see this location. Anyone who has the chance should visit and take a look. After their excursion to Göbeklitepe, Demir Yelmen, who was in Sanliurfa for the Bayram holiday, declared that he liked Balklgöl very good and that everyone should visit it.”

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