Saltuklu Canyon is a Bless for Naturists

After organising a trip to the Saltuklu Canyon in the Araç area of Kastamonu, professor Hikmet Haberal and university students crossed the canyon for the first time. The canyon was found to have a significant amount of historical artefacts.

Saltuklu Canyon

In the Saltuklu canyon in the small village of Kastamonu’s Araç district, which astounds with its natural splendour, it was found that there are traces of previous life. In the Saltuklu canyon, where no previous inquiries had been done, Hikmet Haberal, a lecturer at Kastamonu University’s Faculty of Tourism, conducted a discovery expedition with students. In order to reveal the Saltuklu Canyon’s hidden splendors—also referred to as the “hidden paradise” and the “Cibiş Canyon” by the locals—students and students were passed. It was found that the canyon, which can be traversed in a difficult 3-hour journey, had remnants of previous life.

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According to Haberal, who also finished route building in the canyon region, the endeavour to promote the area where the historical life vestiges are located to tourists and to safeguard it has started. Haberal asserted that efforts have been made to promote Saltuklu Canyon as a tourist destination by Kastamonu University, which offers specialised programmes in the sectors of forestry and environmental tourism.

Saltuklu Canyon is a Bless for Naturists

There is a canyon in the village of Dir in the Araç district of the Kastamonu province, according to lecturer Hikmet Haberal, who also stated that he has learned that this canyon has never been traversed. It was formerly known as “Jibish.” There is a canyon on the common border between Saltuklu hamlet and Oycal settlement. We had intended to visit this canyon, and one of my goals was to do so. A historical caravan route connecting two towns, a historic bridge that promotes intercultural interchange between the two villages, fortifications, castle walls, Ottoman burials, caves, two big mills, and a variety of vegetation may all be found in the canyon.

Haberal pointed out that they crossed the Saltuklu canyon with three hours of challenging and fearful moments in a high way and said:

“Together with our friends, we made an incredible 3-hour canyon crossing where very beautiful and challenging, exciting adrenaline-high fearful moments were experienced. We have achieved incredible magnificent visuals and beauties. We recorded amazing views. Saltuklu Canyon was crossed for the first time within the framework of our adventure route.”

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