Tourists will Witness a new Look of Salt Cave

best of salt cave

The CANKIRI SALT CAVE, one of the largest and oldest salt mines in the world, has been producing salt for more than 5,000 years. It is located inside the limits of the village of Balibai, 18 kilometres to the east of Cankiri. With approval from the running firm, Special Provincial Administration took control of 18 thousand m2 of empty galleries that had previously been utilised for the production of salt in 2013. Renovation work for tourism then started.

best of salt cave

The salt cave in the Tuzluca neighbourhood of Idr is prepared to host both domestic and foreign visitors with the arrival of the new season and the warming of the weather.

The Salt Treatment Center in Idr’s Tuzluca neighbourhood has been open for around two years and still welcomes visitors. The cave, from which salt was once taken for use in the region’s dishes, industry, and snow-making, was later turned into a tourist destination.

As the weather starts to warm, the cave, which receives a lot of visitors in the spring and summer, is ready to welcome them. Moreover, tour companies have included this cave on the route, which is used by both visitors and locals.

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Tourists will Witness a new Look of Salt Cave'

The Tuzluca District Governorship, with the assistance of the Idr Governorship, managed and opened the cave, which is still under construction. According to Fatih Kesan,

“With the warming of the weather, we decided let’s take advantage of the chance and come to our area of Tuzluca. Those who are overcome by hot weather come to the cave to cool down and heal. It is impossible to avoid visiting the salt caves while in Tuzluca. Considering that this is one of Idr’s core values. Typically, visitors come here throughout the summer. They come here largely in search of healing and to chill off. Despite being in the east, Idr is hot, even being referred to as the Ukurova of the east. People periodically go to the salt cave to cool off for this reason. I advise visitors to Idr to visit this location. This is my second or maybe third time visiting this lovely location. In other words, I draw as much of who I am from my work, power, and intensity. This is a lovely location with good value that should definitely be preserved and visited. I endorse this location to others.”

The salt caves, which are supposed to be beneficial for a number of respiratory conditions, are also being prepared for health tourism. After the conclusion of the research, it is hoped that the area would act as a Salt Treatment Center both domestically and internationally.

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