Saklikent: Beauty has Spread Everywhere

Saklikent Ski Center

You might not be aware that Saklikent, which is barely 40 miles from Antalya, the province seat, contains ski slopes. Beach vacationers frequently choose Antalya as their destination. You can enjoy an unusual combination of winter beach activities, ski slopes, and wellness at your hotel spa thanks to Antalya’s many options. This page has all the information you need to ski in Saklikent, including information on the slopes, gear, and frequently asked questions. For a complete listing of all the activities offered there, visit our guide to Antalya sports.

Saklikent Beauty has Spread Everywhere

One month later than anticipated, the Saklkent Ski Center, 37 kilometres from Antalya’s downtown, received its first snowfall of the season. The snow was over one metre deep at the top.

At an elevation of 2,500 feet, on the Bey Mountain slopes close to Antalya, the Saklkent Ski Center saw its first snowfall of the season one month later than in previous seasons.

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Snow fell on the top due to the storm and rain that have been battering the city since the beginning of the week. More than one metre of snow covered the summit.

Cuma Zaydn, the Saklikent Ski Center’s manager, posted on social media, “The winner is now White. Skiing is in order, “he announced as he started the season.

Saklikent Ski Center

Zaydn stated that they anticipated that the snow will be 1.5 metres thick:

Stating that they predicted that the snow thickness would reach 1.5 meters, Özaydın said, “The snowfall we expected in the first week of December came in January. We open the season a few weeks late. The people of Antalya will enjoy winter sports at the summit this winter. The snow in Saklıkent has exceeded 1 meter. Due to rainfall, we are not able to compress the tracks. As soon as the rain stops, construction machines will compress the slopes and make them suitable for skiing and snowboarding.”

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