Sakarya is Renowned as a Vacation Spot

Justinianus Bridge Sakarya is Renowned as a Vacation Spot

One of the Turkish provinces that has recently grown in popularity as a destination for tourists seeking solitude and the great outdoors is Sakarya. This Black Sea coast city in the Marmara region blends impressive urban development with a long Ottoman heritage symbolised by several historical landmarks. It transformed into a destination that met all of the needs of tourists.

Sakarya is located 300 kilometres from Ankara and 148 miles from Istanbul. Along with various archaeological monuments from the Byzantine and Ottoman eras, the Black Sea region’s natural nature also includes lovely beaches, rivers, lakes, and hot springs.

Sakarya has experienced a variety of historical periods, leaving behind a variety of structures that act as relics of these eras. There, you can explore Byzantine-era temples, some of which are the works of famed architect Sinan Pasha. The following is a list of the top historical sites:

Justinianus Bridge

Justinianus Bridge Sakarya is Renowned as a Vacation Spot

The bridge over the Sakarya River, built 1,500 years ago and still in operation, connects Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire, with the eastern provinces.

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Harmantepe Castle

Harmantepe Castle

To counter Turkish assaults on the Sakarya River, the Byzantines built the castle, which is located north of Sakarya and dates from the 12th century AD. The castle’s five doors, six jails, and still-standing walls and towers.

Birzar Lake

Birzar Lake Sakarya is Renowned as a Vacation Spot

Birzar Lake, one of Turkey’s most beautiful lakes, is surrounded by a nature preserve. The lake is filled with a variety of migrating bird species during the beginning of spring, including swan birds. It was planned for the area surrounding the lake to be a park for visitors, complete with trails for biking and strolling as well as boats for cruise the lake and admiring its beauty.

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