Saitabat Waterfall: A must-visit Destination for Tourists

Saitabat Waterfall

Saitabat Waterfall is 12 kilometres away and is 9 kilometres from the Ottoman-era Cumalikizik village of Bursa. Together with the chattering birds, this waterfall cascades loudly and wildly. It is surrounded by unusually lush land. Its source is a stony canyon that has been put to the test by water flow for a very long time.

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Even the smell of salmon trout coming from the quaint country restaurants next to the waterfall would make you hungry. The waterfall’s name, Saitabat, derives from the Saitabat variety of pigeons that are abundant nearby. Bring your camera because there will be opportunities to take pictures.

Saitabad Waterfall in Bursa is popular all year round due to its stunning natural setting. Both domestic and foreign tourists should view the waterfall.

Tourists can’t help visiting Saitabat Waterfall, Bursa

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The Saitabad Waterfall in the Kestel District is fed by snow flows from Uluda. Because of its natural beauty and proximity to the city centre, it attracts local and foreign visitors all year round. Tourists from the Arab world, who frequent this waterfall frequently, are particularly fond of it. Tourists from the Arab world, who frequent this waterfall frequently, are particularly fond of it.

On sweltering summer days, Bursa residents come here to cool off by putting their feet in the chilly water. Due to the waterfall’s fame outside of the city, a large number of tourists travel there from various provinces. This summer, there are a lot of domestic and international visitors to the waterfall. The significant snowfall this year has produced a tremendous waterfall.

Saitabat Waterfall

The visitors claimed they came to view the waterfall they had heard about.

“We were amazed by the waterfall. It has a wonderful nature, its water is like ice. It cools one down on hot days. The water also flows abundantly. There are a lot of tourists here. Especially Arab tourists are concentrated. We think about coming every year.”

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