Sagalassos, an Ancient City, White with Snowfall

Sagalassos, an Ancient City, White with Snowfall

In southern Turkey, the historic city of Sagalassos is 60 kilometres from the coast. The city had huge monuments, colossal baths, and a 9,000-seat theatre when it was a busy Roman capital. The excavation at Sagalassos, led by the University of Leuven in Belgium, has uncovered a vast city centre, a well-preserved theatre, and colossal statues of the emperors Hadrian and Marcus Aurelius.

Sagalassos, an Ancient City, White with Snowfall (2)

The city’s remoteness has served as both a blessing and a punishment. Despite being generally safe from looting and vandalism, the ruins of Sagalassos have been subjected to weathering and erosion. The greater cultural network has eroded as the fragile remains crumble. Traditional crafts and building practises are no longer taught to many young people. Local abilities that are irreplaceable are dwindling.

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Snowfall made Sagalassos Ancient City, often known as the ‘city of love and emperors,’ white in the Aglasun region of Burdur. In the ancient city, visual beauty was produced. After heavy snowfall, Sagalassos Ancient City, also known as the ‘city of love and emperors’ in Aglasun region, was blanketed in white.

Sagalassos, an Ancient City, White with Snowfall

Beautiful vistas appeared with a layer of more than half a metre of snow at sagalassos ancient city, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While numerous elements of Sagalassos, the ancient Greek capital of Pisidia, have remained to this day, the ancient city is best renowned for its 9,000-seat theatre, which is located at the world’s highest height.

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