Safranbolu Welcomed 150 Thousand Tourists

Safranbolu is a distinctive site to include on your travel itinerary there and one of Turkey’s undiscovered pearls. If you are still thinking about it, let me first assure you that a trip to Safranbolu will be absolutely worthwhile. The old-world charm of this historic town, which lacks the glitz and glamour of Istanbul or the breath-taking panoramas of Cappadocia, is unmatched by any other Turkish city. Safranbolu is among the top tourist destinations in Turkey due to its magnificent Ottoman homes, lively mediaeval bazaar, unusual architecture, friendly locals, and gorgeous surroundings.

Safranbolu Turkey

The Safranbolu region of Karabük, which is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, received 150 thousand domestic and foreign tourists during the Ramadan Feast.

The historical area, which resembles an outdoor museum and has hotels, baths, mosques, fountains, residences, and bridges from the Ottoman era, made the most of the three-day Ramadan Feast break. Safranbolu, often referred to as “the capital of protection,” “the fingerprint of the Ottomans,” and “the city that protects itself,” took its visitors back in time with its cobblestone streets.

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Safranbolu became tourists’ center of attention

The traders in the Historical Bazaar were pleased with the turnout, and the hotels in Safranbolu, a Turkish city that is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offered full service. According to ebnem Urgancolu Ergüder, president of the Safranbolu Tourism Operators Association (SAFTD), the Eid holiday was excellent.

Ergüder remarked that the holiday had been rather intense, adding:

“We believe we have hosted around 150 thousand guests. This was already apparent based on the volume of traffic. The fact that Safranbolu is the most beautiful season of spring and that it fell on an interim holiday, when the new season had not yet begun, also had a significant impact. We were told that our hotels were completely booked and that our craftsmen were doing quite well.”

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