Pamukkale Turkey Got 2M Visitors

Pamukkale Turkey Got 2M Visitors

The “white paradise” at Pamukkale Turkey, that is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List saw 1 million 906,000 visits in just 11 months. The Denizli Touristic Hoteliers and Operators Association (DENTUROD), according to its president, Gazi Murat Sen, will shortly reach its 2 million-person target for this year.

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Pamukkale, famous for its white travertines, has been plagued by the pandemic for years, but this year it is overrun with both domestic and foreign visitors. 1,200,000,650 people visited Pamukkale last year.

The tourists in Pamukkale, which welcomes visitors in every season of the year with its natural beauty and historical texture, are happy by the rise in visitors compared to the previous year. Pamukkale received 1 million 906 000 visitors in the first eleven months of this year.

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Pamukkale Turkey Got 2M Visitors

According to reports, Pamukkale Turkey, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is on track to welcome the 2 million visitors that business leaders have set as their target for the year. With the visits that will be made in December, it is anticipated that this number will rise to over 2 million.

Denturod President Gazi Murat en said,

“We have revised the number of visitors this year as 2 million. The number of tourists attained in 11 months is satisfying for the region, and the desired figure of 2 million tourists will be met. Both domestically and internationally, Pamukkale is in high demand. There were a lot of visitors, mainly from South America and the Far East. In most areas, there are German and Russian tourists, but we are happy that travellers from far-off places like Mexico, Brazil, Malaysia, Indonesia, Mongolia, and India visit Pamukkale. We had more hopes for next year. We aim to reach 3 million by exceeding this year’s figure. Pamukkale was the most visited region among the Museums and Ruins. He will win the first place this year.”

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