Pamukkale Turkey Grabbed the Attention of Tourists

An Influx of Tourists Flocked to Pamukkale

Pamukkale’s bright-white terraces are unquestionably one of Turkey’s most photographed sights, glittering incongruously above the rural town like newly fallen snow. The ancient spa city of Hierapolis, whose huge ruins sprawl out along the hilltop close to the famous travertines, was founded on the warm mineral water that runs through them. Pamukkale, one of the best places to go in Turkey for families, is also a wonderful starting point for seeing surrounding ancient monuments such as Laodicea, Tripolis, and, most notably, the beautiful ruins of Afrodisias, which house an extraordinary collection of Roman marble statues.

An Influx of Tourists Flocked to Pamukkale

Local and international visitors came to Pamukkale, a white paradise that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, during the Eid al-Fitr holiday. The Pamukkale Travertines, a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring thermal waters and old settlements, has been unusually crowded due to Ramadan. The occasional wait in the travertines, where local and international guests took advantage of the festival, was the subject of colourful images.

Citizens who were unconcerned about the air temperature took advantage of the opportunity to bathe in thermal water in Cleopatra’s old pool. Tourists from various provinces and nations made it a point to photograph the event during their visit to Pamukkale Turkey.

An Influx of Tourists Flocked to Pamukkale (2)

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Kseniya Sheleg, who returned from Russia with her family after falling in love with Pamukakale, where she had first visited five years ago, stated:

“I came here before with my son when he was 1 year old, we came 5 years ago. I find it very beautiful, a very large historical monument has been included in UNESCO. It’s a place everyone should see. How did it stay so far, it’s been beautifully looked after. I came with my mother this time, and my son, my wife, came. It’s a must-see, because it’s a huge historical monument. I recommend it to everyone, I recommend it, once it has to be come. Everything is well maintained and enjoyable.”

Thanksgiving Ramaks stated that Pamukkale Turkey had gotten more attractive than in previous years:

“I come from Izmir Karsiyaka, I found Pamukkale magnificent. I’d say it’s just great. I came 3 years ago and 5 years ago, but it’s even better.

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