Orse Waterfall: A Natural Wonder Worth Exploring

Orse Waterfall continues to draw a considerable number of visitors each day in Hakkari’s Yüksekova area, at the foot of Mount Cilo. Members of the Ecological Platform Mountaineering and Sports Association, which operates in the Yüksekova neighbourhood, visited the 3,500-foot-high waterfall.

Orse Waterfall A Natural Wonder Worth Exploring

The organisation keeps promoting the Hakkari region by travelling to different areas of the district once a week to increase tourism. In the district, the association engages in eco-related initiatives.

After assembling on Cengiz Topel Street in the morning, the association’s members travelled to the Orşe Plateau and then strolled to the Orse Waterfall. While swimming and relaxing at the waterfall, nature lovers who travelled to and took pictures of the 3,500-foot-high Terazin Lake, Momin Lake, and Karvan Lake listened to guide Islam Gürdal recount the myth surrounding Momin Lake.

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Yüksekova’s secret paradise, according to Fatma and Zeynep Dorusöz, who claimed to have travelled from Kayseri:

“As environment lovers, we met with association representatives and travelled to Karvan Lake, one of the three significant lakes in Hakkari. Everything we saw captured our attention. Because these places are so gorgeous, we suggest nature lovers who desire to visit them.

According to Hakan Zanyar Aykut, vice president of the Association, they launch a new zone every week and that the region we are now in has the largest waterfall in the neighbourhood. We specifically invited nature enthusiasts to Yüksekova, a hidden gem. Orshe Waterfall, a spotless natural wonder, has recently attracted foreign visitors. Friends are cooling off and shooting a bunch of photos by the waterfall.”

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