Occupancy Rate Rocketed in Cappadocia Region

Occupancy Rate Rocketed in Cappadocia Region

Welcome to Cappadocia, a unique area of Turkey renowned for its fairy chimneys, rock-cut churches, and cave homes. To really immerse yourself in the unusual surroundings, explore the open-air museums in Goreme and Zelve, see the magnificent sunrise from a hot air balloon, and go hiking through the picturesque valleys. Enjoy the local cuisine, the flavours of traditional Turkish cuisine, and the renowned wines of Cappadocia region. The magnificent experience that Cappadocia offers will astound you with its fascinating past and captivating beauty.

When President Recep Tayip Erdoan announced that the Feast of Sacrifice vacation would last nine days, hotel rates in the Cappadocia region skyrocketed.

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In addition to the fairy chimneys, underground and above ground cities, interesting valleys, and rock formations that are listed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, interest in the Cappadocia Region, where horse, ATV safari, jeep safari, and balloon tours are common, has increased for the nine-day Feast of Sacrifice holiday. There was a notable increase in bookings in the region, which is busy as of the season, as a result of the Eid al-Adha holiday’s extension to nine days.

Occupancy Rate Rocketed in Cappadocia Region

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The Turkish Hoteliers Federation’s (TÜROFED) secretary general, Yakup Dinler, announced that the Feast of Sacrifice holiday had been extended to nine days. Long holidays are known as holidays that do not benefit the Cappadocia region. The fact that the holiday lasts the entire season and the weather is warming up makes people prefer seaside areas. During the first half of the Eid holiday, 80–90% of bookings in the Cappadocia Region are full.

“There weren’t many visitors from the area among them. I think we’ll be more concentrated during the first part of the Eid tali, which is the period from Eid al-Fitr to the feast day, once the Eid holiday is extended to nine days. We advise our visitors to book their flights to Cappadocia as soon as possible. They must keep in mind that prices will increase along with occupancy rates. Give them as much time as you can so they can make their reservations. We want them to enjoy the Feast of Sacrifice in Cappadocia.”

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