A Plethora of Visitors Visited Nemrut Crater Lake

Nemrut Crater Lake & Caldera flooded with visitors

Nemrut Crater Lake and Caldera, Europe’s largest crater lake, is located in Bitlis’ Tatvan region and invites visitors. Nemrut Crater Lake and Caldera, which received the ‘Excellence Award’ within the European Distinguished Destinations Project (EDEN) for its summer and winter splendor, is flooded with visitors from all across Turkey.

Nemrut Crater Lake

Tourists are flocking to the Nemrut Caldera, whose route was cleared of snow and opened to the public in mid-May.

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Nemrut Crater Lake & Caldera flooded with visitors

The caldera, known for its hot and cold lakes, ice cave, biodiversity, and natural wonders, welcomes visitors with its natural beauty, where the shades of green create a visual feast in the spring. The natural beauty draws thousands of local and international tourists each year.

Nemrut Crater Lake & Caldera Flooded with Visitors

When viewed from the air, the caldera has a magnificent and distinctive appearance. According to Zübeyde zdemir, who claims to be a first-time visitor to Nemrut Crater Lake,

“This year I experienced the longest winter season of my life. The winter season was also beautiful, but it is very nice to live in the summer. I came to Nemrut for the first time. I’ve never seen a lake so laciver-like. Bitlis has its own nature. Seeing Nemrut Crater Lake also makes nature much more beautiful. It made the Bitlis profile in my head much more beautiful. Today we had the chance to take many photos in Nemrut. The image of Nimrod is so beautiful that as one takes pictures, one takes a picture. It is one of the most beautiful places to take photos in Turkey. I think it’s one of the places that everyone should come and see, and the one who doesn’t see it misses a lot.”

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