Visitors Astonished Seeing the Tulips in Mus, Turkey

Mus turkey

East of Turkey’s Mus City. It is situated near the mouth of a gorge on the Kurtik Mountain sides on the south side of a sizable plain in the Murat River Valley. The nearby slopes are covered with oak scrub and vineyards.

Visitors Astonished Seeing the Tulips in Mus, Turkey

The town and the citadel, both of which are now in ruins, are thought to have been built by the Armenian king Mushel I Mamikonian in the sixth century. In 1515, the Arabs renamed the settlement Tarun and placed it under Ottoman authority. Muş suffered significant damage from an earthquake in 1966.

The Mus plain took on a vivid scarlet hue as springtime tulip bloomed. Tulips with a red lanceolate structure are in bloom at Muş, which boasts Turkey’s third-largest plain, providing onlookers with countless picturesque sights. When the tulips, one of the endangered plant species known as “Muş 1071,” stay healthy for 15 days, crowds of people flock to see them.

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Visitors from all over Turkey must view the Tulip of Mush before departing the city. It was easy to take beautiful pictures of the snow-capped mountains and the plains covered in Mush tulips. Visitors strive to freeze these moments in time by using their cameras.

If the endangered endemic and rare Muş tulip is removed from its bulb and traded, an administrative fine of 244 thousand 315 TL will be levied. Due to the claimed penalty, visitors are reluctant to even touch the tulips.

Mus turkey

Kenan Demir provided the following justification for their association with approximately 50 photographers from various regions of the country to capture tulips:

“Our visitors came to our city to snap pictures of the tulips, which are both the city’s symbol and a symbol of grace, generosity, and love. We made an effort to accompany them in order to help promote tulips in our province.”

According to Murat Hanbayrak who travelled from Trabzon with a group to take pictures of them:

The tulips are quite extraordinary and fascinated us.

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