The Most Beautiful Places in Turkey for Families

Istanbul most beautiful places in Turkey

The vibrant metropolis of Istanbul, the stunning rock formations of Cappadocia, the ancient ruins of Ephesus, and the glittering Mediterranean and Aegean beaches are among Turkey’s most popular attractions, but each location has something special to offer. The diversity of scenery, heritage, and culinary culture will astound those who have never ventured beyond holiday resorts and the beach. Despite the ease of moving across Turkey, there is just too much to see and do to cram it all into a single trip. Most domestic flights pass through Istanbul, so spend at least a few days there before heading to one of our other top places in Turkey. Let’s look at the most beautiful places in Turkey for families.


Istanbul most beautiful places in Turkey

Istanbul, one of the most gorgeous cities on the planet, should be on everyone’s travel bucket list. The sumptuous Topkap Palace of the Ottoman sultans and the huge Byzantine church Aya Sofya, often known as Hagia Sophia in English, are testaments to the city’s centuries-long past as the capital of mighty empires. Set aside some time, though, to see Istanbul as it is now. Explore the backstreets of Fatih’s more conservative neighbourhood, Beyolu’s modern art museum, or the vibrant Kadköy area’s café and bar scene. This city is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in Turkey.

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Cappadocia, located in the centre of Turkey, is a geological wonderland. The history of early Christians in Anatolia is brought to life at the Göreme Open-Air Museum, as well as the numerous cave churches and underground settlements strewn around the valley. Romance can be found in the area’s cosy cave hotels and restaurants, as well as sunrise balloon rides with a champagne toast. Among the green valleys and undulating rocks, hikers, mountain bikers, and trail runners will discover adventure.

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Southeastern Anatolia

Southeastern-Anatolia most beautiful places in Turkey

The often-overlooked southeastern Anatolia region is one of Turkey’s cultural – and culinary – treasures. The cuisines of Gaziantep and Antakya (Hatay) are well-known, and both cities contain museums with large specimens of Roman mosaics. Mardin’s charming, well-preserved old town is also an excellent starting point for seeing neighbouring monasteries and Roman ruins. Just outside of Anlurfa, you’ll find Göbeklitepe, the world’s oldest holy site, as well as a fantastic archaeological museum and bazaar. The region is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Turkey for families.

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Turquoise Coast

Turquoise Coast most beautiful places in Turkey

The Turkish Mediterranean coast between Fethiye and Antalya is full with beautiful sites for sun, sea, and sand vacations, but it’s also littered with artefacts of the region’s old civilizations. The seaside ruins of Patara and Phaselis, as well as the rock tombs of Myra, are particularly spectacular. Patara also features one of Turkey’s best beaches. The Antalya Museum is an excellent venue to learn about the history of the region. Explore the region by taking a gület cruise, hiking the Lycian Way, or driving along the scenic coastal roads.



The tens of thousands of troops who died in horrific battles on the Gallipoli Peninsula during WWI are buried in cemeteries sprawled across bucolic rolling hills, making their sacrifices all the more poignant in such serenely attractive surroundings. Gallipoli is also a gateway to Turkey’s North Aegean coast, a more relaxed alternative to the Mediterranean where you can take a leisurely tour of pleasant seaside towns like Ayvalk and Foça, the island wineries of Bozcaada, the ancient city of Troy (with its standout new museum), and the spectacularly located hilltop acropolis of Bergama.

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