Masukiye Village: The Best Place for Nature-Lovers

Masukiye Village The Best Place for Nature-Lovers-

Sapanca and Masukiye, located 130 kilometres from Istanbul’s city centre and 60 kilometres from Sabiha Gokcen Airport, are two of Turkey’s most attractive tourist destinations. Sapanca and Masukiye Village are in a strategic location with spectacular natural beauty that captivates the heart and mind, as well as some of the most beautiful tourist attractions near Istanbul and a place for rest and meditation.

Masukiye Village The Best Place for Nature-Lovers (2)

This name was given to the Masukiye Village after an adaptation of the Arabic concept of love. It captivates visitors and their expectations in the nets of love for the attractive nature, and provides them with a nice time to relax and enjoy the natural beauty. Masukiye Village, located near Sapanca Lake, promises a fantastic holiday thanks to its breathtaking surroundings, which are complemented by the sound of running water and the magnificent melodies of the birds.

Masukiye Village, located near Istanbul and Bursa, is a popular tourist destination in Turkey. Its strategic location, at the intersection of the TEM and E5 motorways, allows guests to arrive promptly and safely.

Masukiye Village

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Walking amid the green trees, enjoying the singing of birds in harmony with the water from the tops of the mountains, and enjoying the lovely green environment, where time and delight rise in such areas, is one of the most significant things to do in Masukiye.

The close vicinity of Masukiye and Sapanca Lake, nestled in the centre of beautiful environment, may make you regret not visiting and experiencing this place. The Kartepe Mountains, a popular winter ski destination, will entice you to include this location in your winter vacation plans.

Masukiye Village The Best Place for Nature-Lovers-

In Masukiye Village, there are a variety of restaurants serving delicious meals and delicacies at all hours, as well as souvenir shops. Masukiye is administratively part of the Sakarya state and has a border with Kocaeli near Sapanca Lake. Sakarya is 30 kilometres away, Kocaeli is 38 kilometres away, Istanbul is 128 kilometres away, Ankara is 327 kilometres away, and Izmir is 477 kilometres away.

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