Marmara is a Hub of History & Nature

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The Marmara Region is a region in northwest Turkey with a total area of 67.000 square kilometres (25.870 square miles), or 8.5% of Turkey’s total land area. This region has seen the migration of innumerable tribes and their civilizations from one continent to the other because of its placement at the meeting point of Europe and Asia.

Istanbul, an ancient city, stands out against this backdrop with all of its majesty and the traces of its long history. Its geographical location makes it a metropolis unmatched in terms of natural beauty and steeped in history. It extends on both sides of the Bosphorus, which is bordered by lush forests, and has gorgeous shorelines along the internal Marmara Sea. In the middle of the region, facing the city, are a number of small, picturesque islands. The Black Sea influences the sea’s northern portions, which set it off from the land, while the Mediterranean climate dominates the sea’s southern regions.

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Uludag, one of Turkey’s major peaks and one of the most popular ski resorts with all the amenities, is the most notable mountain in this region. It is where the town of “Green” Bursa is located, so named because of the vast meadows and dense forests that cover the highlands at the base of Mount Uludag. It is a significant historical site with mosques and exquisitely crafted tombs that serve as living tributes to its storied past. The gorgeous city of Edirne, which is situated in Thrace on Turkey’s European side, and historic Iznik (Nicea) have a lot in common.

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There aren’t many higher altitudes in the Marmara region, therefore a lot of it is made up of low level valleys and plateaus. There are numerous noteworthy rivers and lakes in the region. Greece and Bulgaria share a border with Thrace. Similar to the gardens of Balikesir on the Anatolian side, the land is covered with expansive fields of sunflowers, vineyards, and olive groves. Vineyards, wheat, sunflower, corn, sugar beets, rice, olives, and other agricultural products are only a few of the things that are farmed there.

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