The Most Popular Tourist Attractions Malatya Turkey

Tohma Canyon

Malatya’s spectacular natural beauty has made it a popular tourist destination for many people looking for Malatya tourism attractions. The upper Euphrates River has a very magnificent natural and historical attractiveness, according to officials of Malatya state – one of the most popular tourist attractions Malatya Turkey. For many years, the Euphrates River watershed has been home to millions of people. Human footprints were discovered on the banks of the river 7,000 years ago, according to studies and excavations!

The Euphrates River watershed contains numerous canyons, each of which is a spectacular natural picture of unparalleled beauty. The canyons surrounding the Karakaya Dam are one of them. It dazzles and attracts many visitors, as well as the region’s great biodiversity, thanks to its appeal. Malatya is so worth adding to Turkey’s tourism map, particularly for adventurers, hikers, and water sports enthusiasts.

Tohma Canyon

Tohma Canyon

Tohma Canyon, one of the most popular tourist attractions Malatya Turkey, is a natural valley with massive high rocks and climbing herbs that is beautiful all year. With diverse trees and a river, Tohma Cayi, it catches the attention of both Turkish and foreign visitors. Because of its steepness, the canyon is a popular destination for mountaineers. In addition, it’s a great spot for canoeing and other water sports on the Tohma River, and it’s fantastic for photo possibilities.

Groove Pond

Groove Pond

The groove pond, also known as Kudret Pond, is located within the Tohma Canyon. It keeps a steady temperature throughout the year — not exceeding 22°C — despite the changing seasons. As a result, the pond is described as a one-of-a-kind and rare feature. Tourists come to the pond to recover from skin disorders, rheumatism, and joint diseases because the water has medicinal powers. It elevates one’s mood and brings comfort and peace to the soul.

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Gunpinar Falls

Malatya Turkey-

Because of its lovely environment in autumn, the Gunpinar Waterfall area in Malatya state, central Turkey, attracts visitors and photographers. The Gunpinar waterfall region, which includes 243 waterfalls, has been designated as a national reserve by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Directorate of Turkish National Parks. The waterfall location is 110 kilometres from Malatya and 5 kilometres from Darende, where visitors can enjoy wonderful moments as water cascades from a height of 40 metres. In the winter, the cold waters remind me of Pamukkale’s frozen waterfalls in Denizli.

Ansir Caves

Ansir Caves- The Most Popular Tourist Attractions Malatya Turkey

Visitors are sometimes drawn to archaeological caves, such as the Malatya Caves – one of the most popular tourist attractions Malatya Turkey, also known as the Ansir Caves or the Buzluk Caves, because of their allure. Yazihan is 10 kilometres away from the caverns. Humans have altered these caverns so that they can be utilised as residences, bunkers, and shelters in the future. They are thought to date back to the Stone Age and the Hittite culture, according to some geologists.

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