Things to Do at Lower Duden Waterfall, Antalya

Tips to Enjoy at Lower Duden Waterfall

If you’re looking for a great walk to explore Antalya’s gorgeous surroundings, Lower Duden Waterfall may be one of the most magnificent natural spectacles to see in the city. Lower Düden Waterfall, a unique feature, is located in Düden Park in the Lara neighbourhood of Antalya. It is a strong water attraction that may be enjoyed from a boat on the water as well as from the ground. This post contains all the necessary details, including what to expect, for visiting Lower Düden Waterfall.

History of Lower Duden Waterfall

This waterfall from the Düden River is named by this name because it flows underground. The Düden River was formerly known as Katarrhaktes. It is one of the largest rivers in the Mediterranean region while being only 15 km long. Water for the river comes from subterranean springs 40 kilometres away.

Tips to Enjoy at Lower Duden Waterfall

The water rises to the surface and remains there till it reaches the sea in a place called Düdenbaş. The Düden Waterfalls consist of two separate waterfalls, Upper and Lower.

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Things to Do at the Lower Duden Waterfall

Given that the region’s name is Karpuzkaldran, it is interesting to know that the Lower Duden Waterfall is also known as Karpuzkaldran elalesi, which translates to “the watermelon lifter waterfall,”

Things to Do at Lower Duden Waterfall, Antalya

There are two waterfalls in Antalya that share the name Düden. This waterfall spills water into the sea from the Düden River, one of the largest rivers in southern Anatolia, as it emerges from a natural formation not far from Karpuzkaldran. Similar waterfalls can be seen on the cliffs, but this one is more beautiful and attracts more visitors.

You can see the beautiful waterfall from the nearby Düden Park. It features a viewing terrace with a special vantage point of the waterfall. Instead of being a place to relax, this terrace is a large, gorgeous green area for visitors. Additionally, it contains a cafeteria, a picnic space, and a parking lot. Breakfasting at one of the restaurants perched on the mountain with a view of the waterfall is a well-known attraction in Antalya.

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