Land of Legends: A Spectacular Journey into Fantasy

The Land of Legends is a big entertainment park located close to Belek, around a km from the ocean. With about 2 million people from all over the world each year, it is the theme park that receives the most tourists in the entire Antalya region. You must visit this family park in Antalya.

Land of Legends Where Dreams Come to Life

When you get to the resort, you are instantly taken to the kingdom of fairies. The resort has earned the moniker “Disneyland of Antalya” with good reason. It offers the ideal environment for letting go of restrictions and stimulating children’s and parents’ imaginations.

With all of its attractions, such as the fairytale castle, a big water park, and an exciting adventure park, The Land of Legends is a great place to have fun.

In addition to being a daily draw, the facility offers a full experience where you can stay for a few days of your trip. In fact, you can have a special and fun holiday with your family by staying a few nights at the Kingdom Hotel, which is adjacent to the park.

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Water Park and Slides

Land of Legends Theme Park

The substantial water park has 55 slides, making it interesting for both young and elderly. You will be enticed to join the Space Rocket by the prospect of becoming a “water astronaut.” For those who prefer a little less adrenaline, there is a gentler slide. Alternatively, you might prefer to slide in a boat with the entire family on the Family Float.

Everything you might possibly want to do in the water is available at the water park. In addition, if you’re interested, you can enrol in diving classes.

Would you be interested in swimming with dolphins? Visitors may learn all about the dolphins’ daily routines and how the park cares for them from trainers.

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