Keremali Plateau drawn attention with its various charms

Keremali Plateau drawn attention with its various charms

Akyazi is a town and a community in the Sakarya Province in Turkey’s Marmara region. The chairman is Hasan Akcan. Justice and Development Party, or AK Parti in Turkish, is a politically moderate on social issues. The preservationist convention of Turkey’s Islamic identity and Ottoman past served as the foundation for the country’s largest political party. The group, which was founded in 2001 by participants in other moderate organisations that were already in existence, has won six recent administrative decisions from the years 2002, 2007, 2011, June 2015, November 2015, and 2018. One of the most notable features of the area is the Keremali Plateau.

Keremali Plateau drawn attention with its various charms

The Keremali Plateau, which has attracted attention with its diverse attractions across the four seasons in Sakarya’s Akyaz district, dazzles with its beautiful fall foliage. One could see the area’s unique beauty as it emerged from the air. A fall breeze cools the Keremali Plateau in Sakarya’s Güzlek Mahallesi of the Akyaz district.

The colour of the Keremali Plateau, which draws thousands of tourists from nearby cities like Ankara, Istanbul, and Bursa, fascinates me. The plateau, which is home to activities like mountain trekking, camping, scouting, and mountaineering and whose summit is at an elevation of 1,045 metres, is depicted in a different postcard at each point.

Keremali Plateau drawn attention with its various charms

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Also flocking to the region are photographers and environmental enthusiasts looking to capture the most beautiful October hues. The plateau, the lake, and its surroundings were photographed from the air, where the visual feast took place.

Best of Keremali Plateau

Bilal Soykan, the mayor of Akyaz, claimed that Sakarya’s Keremali Plateau, which can be reached at its highest point in the least amount of time, presents various beauties throughout the year.

“Four seasons are a different beautiful Akyazı district. We are in our Güzlek Neighborhood at the foot of Keremali Plateau. We are in November and as you can see around, the autumn has different beauties and colors dominant. Our Akyazi, which has a different beauty in every season, is also beautiful in autumn. Our region attracts the close attention of nature and photography lovers. Both this recreation area and the foothills of the Keremali Plateau have become a frequented point for campers.”

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