Nature’s Playground: The Allure of Kefe Plateau

The Metropolitan Municipality’s development of urban tourism on the Kefe Plateau has rejuvenated highland travel in Denizli and made it a favour with caravans, daily travellers, and tent travellers. The 1350-meter-high Kefe Plateau, a refuge for those who have succumbed to the heat, astounds everyone with its pleasantly cool and pure air.

Nature's Playground The Allure of Kefe Plateau

To make Denizli the centre of highland tourism, the Metropolitan Municipality refurbished and reopened the region after the Denizli Cable Car and Babaş Plateau, and it rapidly became well-liked by caravan travellers. Kefe Plateau, which has a capacity for 1350 tents and is located at a height of 300 metres in the Serinhisar District’s Yataan Neighbourhood, provides all the amenities for camper lovers, including dining establishments, buffets, greengrocers, tea gardens, Yoruk tents, 171-hour hot water, showers, sports fields, and playgrounds within a 24 thousand square metre area.

Along with the vast number of people who visit the region to camp or for a day trip, the recent caravans that it has hosted have attracted notice. Kefe Plateau amazes everyone with its unique vista and invigoratingly clean air, meeting all the needs of locals seeking a wonderful vacation in nature. In addition to Denizli, the region receives a sizable number of visitors from the adjacent provinces.

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Visiting the Kefe Plateau for the caravan camp from Izmir, Hakan Kamber stated that this was his first time there and that:

“I am a traveller, and this is a wonderful natural wonder,” I said. Being here makes me incredibly happy. We are staying cool here while enduring the Aegean’s heat.”

Kamber stated that the building can accommodate all facilities.

“We are really happy with the employees because they are kind and helpful.”

Öztaş noted that the region has a very pleasant climate.

“A lot of effort has gone into here; the campground is beautifully set up, and the roads are lovely. Power, water, and other amenities are excellent, and the infrastructure is robust.”

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