Karasu Stream took on hues of yellow, brown and green

Karasu Stream took on hues of yellow, brown and green

The Western Euphrates, also known as the Karasu Stream, is a long river that originates from one of the Euphrates’ two sources in eastern Turkey. Its length is about 450 kilometres. The river, which originates on the Dumlu Da in Erzurum Province, drains the plains around the city of Erzurum. It receives the Serçeme River, flows west through the province of Erzincan, turns south, then turns west, and finally receives the tributary Tuzla Su. Between Erzincan and Kemah, it passes through a stony gorge before joining the Gönye River.

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Near the tiny settlement of Kemaliye, it collects its final tributary, the “alt” “ay,” before abruptly turning southeast to flow through a huge valley into the Keban Dam Lake on the Euphrates. Before the Keban Dam was constructed, the Karasu River connected to the Murat River ten kilometres above the dam’s construction site and thirteen kilometres above the town of Keban.

The Karasu Stream, which flows between Mardin and Diyarbakr, has revealed its natural beauty as autumn has arrived. The Karasu Stream, which flows between the Mardin and Diyarbakr cities, continues to be seen in the fall in the same way that it enthrals people in the summer.

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Karasu Stream took on hues of yellow, brown and green

The natural beauty of Karasu Stream, which took on hues of yellow, brown, and green, inspired postcard photos. Visitors can take in the splendour at Karasu Stream, where the autumnal hues are protected and the tree leaves are dried and thrown away. Salih Baran said,

“We like to be alone with nature, so we chose this place, people do not visit much. We are studying at Dicle University, we wanted to come here after the exam. I and I came with a friend, and he’s enjoying nature right now. The beauty of autumn is really wonderful leaves yellowing, all sides are tremendously beautiful. We came here in the summer. Right now, the waterfall is flowing fast due to rains. In spring and autumn, these places are very beautiful. This is the third time we have come here, spring, summer, autumn. We plan to come in the winter months if we can. I advise citizens to come here, but there is garbage everywhere. Let them pay some attention to the fact that we are a part of nature. We should not pollute nature.”

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