The Beauty of Karagol among the Peaks

The Beauty of Karagol among the Peaks

From the Borcka neighbourhood of Artvin, it is 25–27 kilometres to Karagol Lake, which was formed by a landslide. The Borcka Lake Nature Park, which was established on August 14, 2002, encompasses the lake area. On average, 10,000 people visit the lake annually.

The Beauty of Karagol among the Peaks

Karagöl is situated in a mountainous area with peaks between Karasalvar Hill (2.333 m) and Verketil Hill (2.429 m) in the southern part of the region. Heba Stream and Savgule Stream, which form the beginning of Klaskuri Stream, feed the landslide lake Karagöl. The lake started to show up when the Savgule Valley was covered in landslide material lifted from the slope. The water collecting in the Savgule Stream-created landslide part formed two lakes, one enormous and the other smaller.

The little lake is fashioned like a circular and has a perimeter of around 7 acres. Contrarily, the large lake is 50 acres in size and is shaped like a triangle. The two lakes gradually converge on one another. In level, the enormous lake is 1-1.5 metres deeper than the tiny lake. Although this information is questionable, it is believed that the lake was formed around the 1800s.

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Things to do in Karagol

The lake’s 56-decare land area was lowered over time from 30 metres to 8 metres in depth, both of which are influenced by the same stream that brings its alluviums. As part of the work done in cooperation with the State Hydraulic Works of the Rize 12th Regional Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks, the alluvium that had filled the lake was drained, and walking routes supported by wood were inserted into the lake.

Although Karagol, which is divided into two halves, is a landslide lake, it is not a landslide set lake. The majority of the lake’s water was known to collect in the landslide debris. It was asserted that a lake with such a small area as Karagöl could not form behind the blockage brought on by such a significant landslide. Furthermore, it was claimed that the lake is composed of water that gathers in the bipartite area between the floating debris’s roughness. Also present between the two lakes is debris from landslides. The shallowness of the lake and the steepness of the slope in front of the Great Wall of China make Karagöl more likely to be on the wreckage.

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