Kalekoy, Antalya Preferred by the Visitors

Best of Kalekoy Kaleköy

The majestic historical “Simena Ancient City,” presently known as Kaleköy, is located in the Demre neighbourhood of ANTALYA. Despite being connected to the mainland but without a road, Kalekoy receives tens of thousands of visits each year from both domestic and international tourists. On the first-degree historical and natural site Kaleköy, a little Lycian city from the 4th century BC, construction is not allowed.

Things to do in Kalekoy Kaleköy

Kas is unique due of its stunning coastline, storied cities, and unspoiled surroundings. But what of its villages? If you leave Kas without visiting its communities, you’ve lost out. One of them stands out from every other community you have ever encountered. Kas is home to the intriguing and beautiful Simena, also referred to as Kalekoy. The ancient ruins of Simena are close to Kalekoy, a seaside settlement you must see while in Kas.

Kaleköy, which is located across from Kekova Island and resembles an eagle’s nest in addition to being the location of seclusion, can only be reached by boat. Only the sounds of birds and fishing engines can be heard in the morning instead of car noises. Large and small ships coming in from the sea are greeted by historical and natural beauty, especially in the summer.

Best of Kalekoy Kaleköy

The Lycian-era stone dwellings, all of which are still standing today, are Kaleköy’s historical icons and its symbols of history. The region’s and Kaleköy’s unofficial symbol is the Lycian sarcophagus, one of Turkey’s nautical marketing symbols. Hostels formed of improvised piers along the shore, fish restaurants, and numerous stone cottages all cater to tourism. Locals and guests from abroad arrive by yacht all day long, navigating the city’s narrow streets before ascending to the 400-meter-tall Simena Castle, where the Turkish flag is hoisted at the top.

Kalekoy Turkey Kaleköy

The castle’s peak is accessible through a wooden staircase. The top offers a great view of the surroundings. The smallest Roman amphitheatre can be found in the castle. Just east of the castle, and underneath it, the landscape is adorned by Lycian sarcophagi. Kaleköy’s sole source of income is tourism. In the narrow alleyways, each lady operates a kiosk where she sells items. Women sell the vegetables they harvest over the winter here. The temporary docks are completely full throughout the day with yachts from Demre, Kas, and the Demre neighbourhood of Üçaz.

Aygün Varol, who came to Kaleköy for the first time, stated:

“We liked it very much. We came here by boat tour. It’s an enormous place. Everyone should definitely visit and see. The surroundings are also terrific.”

Kalekoy The Desired Spot of Holidaymakers

Salih Baştürk, who was on holiday in Kaleköy, stated:

“Kaleköy is a paradise hidden on the slope of a mountain. Intertwined with its history, nature and sea. Awesome place. It’s a paradise that we should all come and see. But most importantly, it is a paradise that we all need to protect.”

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