Istanbul Got the ‘Best Destination in Europe’ Award

Golden Horn

During a ceremony in the US state of New York, Istanbul was awarded the “Best Destination in Europe.”

Golden Horn

The readers of Global Traveler Magazine, one of the leading travel and tourist magazines in the United States, named Istanbul the “best destination to spend time in 2022” for the tenth year in a row in the “Best Leisure Lifestyle Awards.”

In the category where the city was selected “best destination in Europe” with the most votes at the award ceremony held at the iconic Lotos Club in New York, Lisbon came in second and Krakow came in third.

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The New York-based journal reaches millions of readers in print and online, catering to affluent readers and frequently found in the lounge sections of major airlines.

Istanbul Airport also received two prizes. At the annual “2022 Leisure Lifestyle Awards” award event, GA Istanbul Airport was also voted “best transfer airport” and “best family-friendly international airport.”

The “2022 Best Leisure Lifestyle Destination in Europe” award was accepted on behalf of the city by Hüseyin Baştürk, New York Culture and Promotion Attaché of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, while the awards were presented to Gökhan engül, Corporate Communications Director, on behalf of GA Istanbul Airport.

The best in areas like locations, airlines, and hotels are picked each year through voting with the support of Global Traveler subscribers, who take an average of 18 overseas trips per year.

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