A Voyage to the Highlands of Inegol District, Bursa

Highlands of İnegöl District A Journey (2)

The hills of the Inegol district were the new route of a nature walk organised by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality under the theme “Bursa from History to Nature.” Nature lovers who enjoyed roaming through the forest with an unusual view of all the many shades of green.

Highlands of İnegöl District A Journey (2)

The Metropolitan Municipality continues to bring the city’s hidden values to the surface with the ‘Bursa from History to Nature’ project, which aims to promote the city’s merits on every platform in order to diversify tourism and enhance tourism income in Bursa. As part of the project, nature lovers who had previously spent a day immersed in nature in Eşkel-Tirilye and Mustafakemalpaşa Suuçtu Waterfalls, as well as history in Znik, stepped into the highlands of the Inegol area.

The ‘Bursa from History to Nature’ project began with a gathering of roughly 60 people in Merinos Park, which received a lot of attention from nature lovers. Nature lovers who arrived in Inegol district by bus began their trek at the Boazova road and continued uninterrupted to the Başalan Plateau. During a stop in Başalan Plateau, which is proposed to be made into a Dark Sky Park by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, nature lovers were taught about the Dark Sky Park, which has only 92 distinct examples around the world.

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Highlands of İnegöl District A Journey

According to speculations, the Dark Sky Park would be converted into a themed observation park to diversify tourism and conduct research into adventure tourism. As part of the project, various sky observation activities, educational activities, and sports activities will be provided, all while respecting the natural texture of the Başalan Plateau.

After a short halt in Başalan Plateau, nature lovers continued walking next to the Arabian fountain by following the Düzgürgen ridge, stopping for lunch at the Sepetçi Plateau at a height of 1311 after completing the 3-kilometer circuit.

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