What Is Hot Air Balloon

Discovering the concept of hot air balloons ride includes knowing ‘what is a Hot Air Balloon?’ Hot air balloons comprise heated air stored in multi-shaped tubes. As far as its weight is concerned the hot air balloon is lighter than an aircraft. Such balloons hold a basket for passengers at its lower level, and a tool used as a heat source. The bag of this type of balloon, also called envelope, is made of nylon fabric. Fire resistant material known as Nomex is used for balloon inlet. Hot air balloons don’t fly outside the atmosphere. Nowadays, hot air balloons can be seen in multiple forms, such as rocket, house or any shape reflecting any product or cartoon. Such interesting ways inspire people to enjoy hot air balloons ride.

1. Hot air balloon

Hot air balloon, unlike aircraft, is such a travel technology that can wonderfully transport humans.  Experiencing hot air balloons ride is one of the favorite things tourists do in Turkey. Generally speaking, there are plenty of spots you can explore to enjoy hot air balloons rides but Cappadocia outshines the others. This is so, because balloon riding is the perfect way to explore Cappadocia’s beauty. Closing your eyes and feeling calm while you are over the beautiful landscapes, the fairy chimneys, the bright frescoes, the valleys and the hills of Cappadocia are much more calming.

Cappadocia’s suitable weather goings and amazing scenery are what make hot air balloons ride more enticing and popular to tourists around the world. The 2019 census shows the fact that 437,515 visitors enjoyed the hot air balloon ride in Turkey between January and September. Hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia, on the expense side, normally costs 185 to 220 dollars per person.

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Hot Air Balloon Festival

Hot Air Balloon Festival.. Hot air balloon

Turkey will host a hot air balloons festival for the first time. This festival will take place in Cappadocia – one of the world-famous landscapes. About 150 hot air balloons will take flights into the sky during this mega-event. Annually, countless tourists travel to Turkey and make Cappadocia a priority among other attractions. In addition to showcasing Cappadocia’s beauty, Hot air balloons festival will also be useful in unfolding the historical viewpoints associated with Cappadocia.

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