Hersek Lagoon: Where locals spend time with their family

Hersek Lagoon is home to 232 different bird species-

Due to recent efforts undertaken by the Altnova Municipality, the Hersek Lagoon, which is home to 232 different bird species and is located in the northwest province of Yalova’s Altnova district, has developed into a prominent wetland in the Marmara region. The 152 acre lagoon is known as the “Bird Hotel” because a number of different bird species spend both the spring and winter there.

Hersek Lagoon turkey

The lagoon has drawn attention and been recognised as a special area of protection, according to Altnova Mayor Metin Oral, who spoke to the government-run Anadolu Agency.

The building of the Nature Education Center in the Herzegovina Lagoon in the Altnova neighbourhood, the Bird Watching Tower without Barriers, and the Garden of Medicinal Aromatic Plants without Barriers has made the region one of Yalova’s new favourite locations.

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Things to see in Hersek Lagoon

Numerous bird species offer the public a visual feast in the Hersek Lagoon, where locals spend their weekends with their families.

As more individuals visit the area every day, interest from both domestic and foreign tourists has started to grow. The lagoon, which is home to 246 different bird species, currently sustains flamingos and a few other migratory bird species when the summertime birds migrate, according to study conducted by the Municipality of Altinova. The Disabled Compatible Bird Watching Tower is one of the reasons that anyone can view the birds in the 152-hectare lagoon.

Hersek Lagoon is home to 232 different bird species-

Altinova Mayor Dr. Metin Oral urged residents to spend a tranquil day in nature at the Altinova Municipality Nature Education Center, the 7-storey Bird Watching Tower, and the Altinova Municipality Nature Education Center Medicinal Aromatic Plants Garden. He stated:

“Our birds come here to rest, eat and drink and go when they have pleasure. Therefore, we describe this place as ‘Bird Hotel’. We welcome all our citizens here to relieve stress on the weekend or in the evening. We want them to watch our guests here. A feature of our lake is that; The difference from other areas we call bird paradise is that the number of birds per square meter is very high. Our lake is small 152 hectares. On the other hand, all the birds in the lake will be able to be seen from the tower built at the same time.”

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