Tourists must not miss to visit Hastek Castle

Tourists must not miss to visit Hastek Castle

Hastek Castle was carved into the mountainside near the Euphrates River. A dam was erected in 1974 to prevent the mountain from eroding. Despite the fact that the castle is only accessible by water, historians and visitors have flocked to explore this intriguing monument. The castle has a number of chambers that are connected by narrow galleries.

Tourists must not miss to visit Hastek Castle

The rooms were carved out of the bedrock of the Kaban Dam Lake, with apertures created to allow light in. They also assisted in the identification of possible adversaries. Water levels at dams across the country have dropped to historic levels due to a lack of rain this year. The Turkish government described the situation as “catastrophic.”

The discovery of several tourist destinations in Turkey has been influenced by natural phenomena. Explore Turkey’s most major tourist destinations with Safaraq Tourism, mostly historical tourist attractions, which have seen an increase in tourist demand in recent years.

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Hastek Castle-

Due to low water levels in the Keban Dam in Elazig, eastern Turkey, all elements of the old Hastek Castle have been revealed. It’s worth noting that the old Hastek Castle is located on the Euphrates River’s brink, in a settlement named Yenipayam, which is only accessible by boat.

In this environment, the receding waves have revealed a three-story area with numerous holes and small crevices.

Mr Korkmaz Sen, the chairman of the history department at Euphrates University, suggested in a press report to Anadolu that Hastek Castle could be a pre-Christian temple.

Sen went on to say that the three-story castle was carved into the rocks and that Greek writings may be found on the internal walls of the castle chambers. Furthermore, he emphasises that the location served as a frontier post throughout the Eastern Roman Empire.

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